Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Not So Lighter Side Of Consciousness -- Gaia News Brief 10 July 2016

My gift to you is that I speak from my heart.

As I Ascend further, I see discrepancies between what I have been told, what I have been taught, what has been role modeled for me, and what I know in my heart as what 'resonates' as 'healthy and right'.

I can only speak in my area of expertise, which is surgery, anesthesia, and the O.R.

Last night I was up until past midnight. I was on call, and fortunately, I have not been called in. I have had the day to recover.

It's been rough.

I'm not worried about me.

I'm worried about my surgeon. Not only was this one working as late as I was, and got sleep through the night, there were four cases to do today.  This surgeon has not seen their children for six weeks.  They were taken out of the country to visit their homeland by his ex-wife. Today was the day for them to reunite. It was something greatly looked forward to, by both the parent and the children.

The cases had to come first.  There was not going to be an opportunity to see family.

I'm feeling the effects from a busy call on Tuesday and Friday. (And a late celebration of fun on Thursday night : ))) ).

Many of our surgeons don't have this chance to rest. They are going from case to case and from hospital to hospital.

I know, and I'm not going to tell you, that there are serious health risks/ailments behind the scenes, and powerful treatments--because some of these physicians on the front lines are burning out their bodies.

Many nurses I know, particularly the ones who work on obstetrics and have to move the bodies of the epiduralized laboring patients--have major orthopedic problems that need surgery too.

I speak for myself...I am at a loss to have a day where I get up in the morning, fully rested, make plans, and enjoy my day.

I don't even know what days I am assigned to work in August! Our scheduler has been late, she is new, and apparently is two weeks behind what the other guy would have gotten done if no one had complained about how we assign people.

A neurosurgeon I worked with yesterday said the one good thing about his residency training is he learned never to take call again for the rest of his life. It wasn't worth it. He has a career, he operates, but he never takes call. He refuses. His family is important to him.

So that's that.


There is SO much I could say to you about the other channelers out there. One at the moment has me seeing red.

All I can say right now, and keep it polite, is if you hear something that sounds like this:

Everything is Awesome video from the Lego Movie

You'll know who it is and why I am upset. I am getting people all over the place telling me what their idea of Ross is, and 'who they are', and I'm just really really really wanting to move on to the next thing.

For now, I'm just going to go to my closet, again, and yell at Ross for dragging his feet. We've both had a rough day.

I want you to know this is normal and healthy for one who is Ascending. Yup. There are good days. There are bad days. And this one isn't a good day. 

Anyone who tells you is it effortless is telling you and themselves a big fat lie.


This almost freaked me out. I who have been there, done that, in all the metaphysical.

Absalom is a word I have said over and over in my spiritual life. I had no idea what it meant, or how to make the connection.

I never bothered to look.

Well, it's a name from the Bible. And the story is Absalom was a son of David, and he waited two years to avenge the rape of his sister (I think her name is Tamar or something). 

I learned it because while looking for yogos I saw a Marc Chagall print for sale on the Escape (to or from, I forget) Jerusalem. 

And Marc Chagall shares my birthday.

Weird, huh?

Harry Bird

My senior cockatoo surprises me. He has this huge big cage Ross told me to buy for him three years ago.  He seems happy.

I left the little door open on the food dish,  just while I went to jump the old seed out, and he climbed out.

He has always been a Houdini bird.

I got him to go back in. I realized he must always want to get out, just hadn't figured how.

Yesterday morning, he was outside the cage and chewing on a laminated poster of a forest.  He had opened the door. Not sure how, but he knew, and the escaped. I'm glad he was in the cage this morning.

But when I stopped by later, he did something I've never seen him do. He was taking a bath in his water dish.

I've had harry eighteen years. I know him and love him.

If my pet bird I adore can unsettle me, and surprise me, you can only imagine what Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are experiencing as we move as a collective to be free.


Carla is recovering from a very hard shift. Try to imagine the energies which flow through her as she does her work.

A patient yesterday said he would shoot a colleague--come back and shoot him.  

She thought it was because he is Middle Eastern. (He approached her because he wanted her to reassign him, he refused to do that patient's case.)

It wasn't.

The Chinese she had reassigned to the case found out that the patient was wheezing, and sent to have a breathing treatment from the operating room. The case was delayed.  The patient was upset.

The Chinese colleague was fine. So was the Middle Eastern lady anesthesiologist who eventually did the case.

Everyone you meet is a mirror who allows you a look at your deepest emotions and beliefs, and challenges them.

This is a gift.

(Clap! clap!)  Carla gets to go watch Anthony play basketball for his team.

Carla always misses him. Both because of the work and the custody with Jared.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins