Monday, July 4, 2016

Thoughts -- Gaia News Brief 4 July 2016

Ross is going to talk more today. I sense it.  You know, I've always been like this, perhaps a little less in the past than I am now. But I have my Certificate to 'prove' to others I am psychic. I've completed the training with over one hundred sixty two hours, the beautiful piece of certificate paper bordered in gold with my teacher's signature on it tells the world!

(I shake my head and 5D no one needs the certificates, they just ARE! <3 )

Someone the other day told me she hadn't spoken to me for a while because Spirit had 'thrown her a sucker punch'.  I smiled. Our most valuable lessons are sometimes like that. Not in a bad way, but getting us to the point where as a soul we can appreciate and SEE what we are sent here to learn...The only reason I mention it at all is that she thought she was someone, it turns out she wasn't...but the whole time I could read the energy signature, and I knew.  I wasn't sure who she was or wasn't but I could sense from a distance that there was vibrational inconsistency between her assumed belief and what spiritual past incarnation she was.

Does this make sense?

I also told someone yesterday--it takes Moxie on my part--that 'perhaps I have had a FEELING that you were possibly so and so incarnate--does this resonate with you?'

Again, I am correctly reading the energy signatures and I have no doubt in my mind. I never forget a face! LOL. But gently, slowly, by ways of Spirit, we do not put others into shock over who they are.

Take me for example. I'd spoken to Blessed Mother for twenty years. Joseph too. I had memories of their house, and being welcome there. In meditation I could walk around and visit. Mary had shown me a little room where I was always welcome to stay. A low bed, a mattress filled with straw. A bedside table. A chair. Not even a desk. It was like adobe the construction and there was a single small window. I spent many a time there. I recall talking to Joseph at his work bench, and asking him what was Jesus' favorite toy growing up?

It was a wooden camel, with wheels, you could pull on a string. It pleased me much to see it, and to think of Our Lord as a happy child, before all the rest happened.

I couldn't figure it out. Mary had coached me tremendously, and told me my imperative was to always be humble (which thanks to my childhood friends, Jackie, Angie, Lisa, Melissa, I AM!  I would never be 'stuck up'...they wouldn't let me! LOL)...

Mary had told me in this incarnation she had given me the gifts of Wit, Verve, and Charm.

I knew my Task was To Show The Dying How Close They Are To God. 

This was almost twenty years before I ever heard of Reiki.

With all this, it still took someone else to tell me I was a Seraphim. I never in a million years would have guessed it.  Usui-sensei showed himself to her, and asked for her help, because, 'Carla is a little slow at connecting the dots.'

It took a homeless person in some northern European country on Twitter calling me My Lady, My Lady, My Lady to ever think it could be remotely true. Why would this person who thinks he is Christ--and by the energy signatures it didn't appear to be possible, although there WAS some spiritual energy in his words that I hadn't seen anywhere else--call me this?! He was delusional, without a doubt!

When I found out, about my own soul identity, I was in shock for two weeks!

I felt betrayed, and was upset.  I thought Blessed Mother loved me for who I am, for me, as a soul, not through him!  I thought she loved me for my own qualities. How could I be related to her?

So...this is going to tickle you to find out how things work...they had an intervention.  Just like on Earth. Everyone sitting in a circle on cheap metal folding chairs.  I shared my astonishment--How could THIS be TRUE?!

I remember Joseph and Mary looking at me, looking at the ground, and nodding in agreement that it was true. Joseph said I wasn't supposed to find out yet, and not in the way I did, it was an accident, but it was true.

There was a whole circle of people sitting in those chair, who I never even knew, but I felt their energy.  HE wasn't there. I recall that.

I couldn't understand the rest of the reason why I was here, in my own life, or what I was needed to do.

I still haven't figured that one out, to be honest. I love healing. I help a lot of people. And I LOVE them with my whole heart. I really do. I can't describe how I can love all of these people I've never met in person who I know online.  But I can read their energy signatures. Some of which are quite familiar...and give me great consolation.

I focus on healing myself. And connecting to Source. Ross helps me with this very much.

When he was little, he had red hair, and his nickname was Rosso. That's why he is Ross to me.

And to him, I am his Amee.  (Ah-mee). That was my name at the time. But now, he calls me His Beloved, or Carla.  And he always has a warm, beautiful smile.

(Ross gives me permission to share my thought. This is the one I was going to write, or so I thought when I sat to the computer.  It touched me deeply, the stories of children 'going quiet' after their vaccinations. Two kids both got affected--totally normal the day before--twins--after their shot. As a medical person I thought, 'what if it is the nurse?'  We always draw back before we inject, although, sometimes we forget this rule. And intravascular injection would most certainly bring the thimoserol to a peak concentration in the bloodstream as opposed to an intramuscular one which would be more slow.  The other 'image' that flashed through my mind is that the bottles of vaccine are prepared like Russian Roulette--not every one is the same amount of 'bad'.  Only one in a certain number would be sub-lethal, and have the desired effect. This way it would be harder to detect. If ALL of them did it the public wouldn't accept it. But if the specs were deliberately or accidentally 'off' just enough, we would see the results. It's a horrible tragedy. I know reports of declassified information that said HIV was deliberately injected into Haitians who were getting Hepatitis B vaccinations in the 1980's just to have a model to study how HIV and AIDS would progress in a population. I attached a link to that somewhere in one of my writings, I forget where it is now but it's there.  Either way, the truth will come out in the end. I pray for this constantly, for all of humanity to be safe from this terror which is imposed upon us while we are told to celebrate our 'freedom'...)


I love what Carla has written. Don't you?

Some of you, at the top of your mind, (he taps his head--ed) are asking the question, 'Where am I in all of this?'

(he leans back, and smiles gently--ed)  I know you.

And deep in your heart, you know who I am,

There is recognition.

(he touches his face--ed)  It's not just of my face, although Carla loves to kiss it. It brings her great joy to see my face intact, and not marred by the act of violence that brought my death.

It's our souls.

There were many, many people who I have met while I was on the planet. It brought me great joy to know you back in the day, back in those times. And also at this time. For I am close to everyone who ever worked with me.

I want you to enjoy this, our connection.

It is blessed.

And by extension, so also are YOU! (he smiles a great big smile, showing his teeth, with so very much warmth and love and compassion--ed)

Together we have been through a lot!

And we are now on our way!

(clap! clap!)

I appreciate you. I thank you for all you have ever done to help me, in all you have done and ever shall do, to ease the Ascension of both Gaia and all humanity.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple