Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Visit

I am very sleepy.  I just woke up after two twenty minute 'snooze buttons' and a final ten minute 'snooze'.

Ross works closely with me, when I set the 'snooze'. The last one was his idea.

I was drifting off between sleep and wake, and I saw him with another woman who, like me, was much shorter than him.  He was to the left, and she was to the right, as they faced me.

I was puzzled.

I sensed he wanted me to look closer, so I did.

Once I could focus more, I saw, at a distance much farther for me than I usually have while I do mediumship, was Chelsey L., the young mother of a nine-month old baby girl who just Transitioned from stage four breast cancer on Saturday.

I was glad to see her!

I was told not to touch her, and to keep my distance.  I asked Ross, 'what is it with this distance?' and gestured at the space between us.  It was like talking over a valley.  Chelsey and I were both raising our voices so the other could hear us.

He explained she was there on HIS 'power', not her own, so he had to be careful just how much of 'our energy' she was exposed to, for her safety.

I thought, 'that makes sense, okay.'

So we talked.

She looked just the same, and was really healthy and happy.

The first thing she said was, 'I am sorry for what happened to you (at our old work)'--she is talking about my being one of the six anesthesiologists who were not reappointed, how this happened when Anthony was only four, and how much less time I had to enjoy him while he was young because I took so much call. I had been working part time at my old work, and now was required to work full time.  I worked as an ICU nocturnist and an OB anesthesiologist for the first two months.

I sensed her compassion and appreciated her kindness to bring it up.

I asked her how she is? How everything went?  She said she was good, and happy.

She told me, 'I see good things ahead!' (for me...she sees my future...and the image she shared was like some big golden state fair, all the rides and booths made of pure golden Light.)

It was the most excitement I've ever heard from Chelsey, ever. She used to be very quiet, reserved, and spoke almost in a monotone. I kind of liked to see the new her.

She and Ross explained to me how she saw how I was a mess on Saturday, and couldn't do anything right. So she and he got together and came up with a plan to send me my awesome day I had yesterday to make up for it.

I smiled with both my face and my heart.

It was an awful day on Saturday!

Then I had inspiration.  I asked her if she would watch over me, just like she did when I was a resident at my training and how she watched over me there, making sure I did all the things I needed to get done and checking with me to make sure I turned all of my paperwork in on time?

She paused.

She asked, 'can I still watch my family? I was hoping to watch and protect them?'  (I saw her point to their home)

Ross gestured with two index fingers with the same sweeping movement she did to her house, but with the other hand sweeping out to land over me and watch me.  I heard him say, 'you can do two'.

She understood. She accepted my request. And she added, 'would you like me to watch over Anthony too?' (she showed me a picture of how he goes to his custody and sitters and friends).  I thought it was a good idea, Ross nodded I could say yes--it was okay---and I said yes.

It felt really nice to know Chelsey was a new Guardian for both me and Anthony, now she is on the Other Side.

Then I had a pause. I had a funny thought that hadn't occurred to me before. I got up my courage to ask a new question I had never asked anyone in Spirit ever before.

I asked, because I had so many symptoms and felt like I wasn't really 'there' on Saturday--I asked, 'was I there to help you cross over, Chelsey?'

She was enthusiastic and nodded 'yes'.  She was like, excited to see me, and said, 'Is that Carla?!'  and she told me 'I hardly recognized you.'  Then she said I pointed to Ross, and she understood, and she took my hand and made her final Transition.

She said, 'I always knew there was something special about you. You were different. But I couldn't put my finger on what it was.'

I smiled.  (I was glad because it also explains the 'mysteries' of why I am so disoriented while people I know--without my knowing it is happening--are Transitioning. Part of me is just not 'here' and is helping them cross over.)

Ross told me it was time for them to go. But I was permitted to hug them both to say our goodbyes--so I jumped the valley in an instant, hugged both of them goodbye, and gave kisses, and wished Chelsey luck in her new assignment.

Everything happened very quickly, in less than ten minutes. Communication with spirit is as fast as the speed of a thought. And it ended right before my alarm went off.

(Ross waves and smiles--by the way he had on his cream colored robes. Chelsey wore what she usually did, I think pants and a top in neutral colors, possibly navy blue.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc