Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lots -- LOL -- Gaia News Brief 6 July 2016

There is MUCH movement in my Consciousness.

I realized I am overweight for certain reasons while working through a chapter from Healing With Love by Leonard Lasko MD.  I don't get much time for any other kind of pleasure--I work so much--and I hardly get to eat so when I do I really pack it away, 'just in case' I won't get to eat later.

It's fear.

It's fear of hunger and I'm angry I don't get to eat normal meals not in a rush and as Louise Hay would say, 'that's plenty of reason to get a fat tummy'.

I need more fun. The pieces are clear to me. My work is not healthy for me. And through fear, I stay because I know I need to survive.

Let me tell you I just took a ninety-minute nap to catch up on my sleep. I am post-call. And I was too tired to have breakfast.

That is my world.

There is ANOTHER area of major healing for me. That's with the Ross department. Some people are out there channeling Mary Magdalen and Jeshua again. I don't like it.

I had a heart to heart with Ross, he invited me to ask him my concerns.

I was like, 'WHY would anyone do that?'   He answered and I was like, 'But, WHY?'

He explained how there is a lot of spiritual power with such things, and that is the appeal for those people. This is why it is their lesson, not mine, and to let it go.

I asked, 'Should I stop following Paulina with her blog then, because it upsets me to see all this?'

He said no. He reminded me of the time both of us were translating the Divine Healing Codes into English for Marc Gamma, and how we had trouble working as a team, Paulina and me. Marc had to intervene, and force us to find a way to work on it together. He told me in private it was something to do with our past lives. We patched things up, for a while, until the next thing. She had made videos of the Divine Healing Codes. I worked with Isabel and Divine Mother to raise my concern about old videos not being up to date as the new codes are given...I was told the concerns were valid. When I shared this concern with Paulina, it's like I couldn't explain it, or get 'through' to her. She felt rejected. She took six months of work, and trashed it. That's why she keeps posting these things. That's part of her lesson.

And mine?

To trust Ross.

Monday he had me make my huge press pot of coffee. I only drank a little bit. But Tuesday I was on call. I had major laundry and animal care for the pets, lunches, beach stuff and overnight stuff for Anthony, his dad's clothes which had piled up in our many tasks in a short time.--before six in the morning!  I ate a breakfast sandwich and drank my coffee cold in the car.

Ross had looked out for me.

He could look ahead and see I'd be in trouble. And he helped. It was just like when he told me to buy a new cage for Harry, our bird. It made my life so much easier.

Ross cares.

Ross cares about me.

Ross cares about us.

I can feel it in my bones.

It doesn't matter what anyone else says.

This one here I saw, and helped me to make some connections too, about women who are strong. It's still sinking in. It helps.

There's a whole level of understanding I hadn't grasped yet.  Hopefully I will.

On the drive home, I gave Ross credit.  I said from my heart, that in this life, as I have known him, no matter what people have said how they were connected to him and in what way, he has never given me reason to doubt him. His IS trustworthy, and I give it with my whole heart. What is past is gone.  I thanked him for being so consistent and loving with me. Even with the coffee too. It meant so much.

I came home last night and didn't eat to console myself--late late at night, like sometimes I do. I played a game I enjoy instead to relax enough for bedtime.

Then while falling asleep, Raphael and I had some very direct enlightenment on how I am afraid anyone who loves me will go out and cheat on me again. How deep are my wounds!  He fortunately is the best one to heal them...

Also, Michael this morning continued the lesson. It was worse than you would imagine, me and Ross back in the day. Not only was there what he actually did, but there were all the false accusations too. There were many women who said he fathered their child. There was much gossip. Everywhere all over the 'world' as far and wide as he traveled. Michael did a lot of coaching on how things work with relationships for Galactics. He made it easy for me to understand, and to accept. It was very healing. 

As an aside, there was one patient (of many on my last shift!) who I reached out to with my heart. I cleared him of any and all attachments to his aura. On a whim, I set the intention to clear them from everyone on earth. I asked the Guides of Compassionate Healing to assist me, with him and everyone else. We work together as a team. I could see little black things sticking on like a feather I was brushing through the auras. I would scrape them off, and sweep again and again. 

I think it worked!

One last thing, our team of Healers is working with a new sub-set of healers within the team. Our focus is on Lifting the Veil for those who suffer from PTSD. It's really working. I feel the energy and the response from our healers is tremendous.

I thank you. 


Why don't you just come and sit with us right here on this bench and enjoy the view.

I always enjoy a little company.

It's a great time to be on Earth.

I guarantee it.

Look for us in the skies, overhead.

You won't be disappointed.

While Carla was watching the fireworks with her mother and her family, over in Long Beach, I told her that 'ours are even better'...

I'm such a tease!  (he smiles and is very pleased with his joke--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple