Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reflections -- 25 Juilliet 2016

This land is in my blood. It is in my soul. I was raised by grandparents who owned a farm and tended to the orchards.

I can make friends anywhere in the world as long as they have a garden we can discuss.

Anthony and I would very much like to live here in France.  People say You Only Live Once (YOLO) and encourage us to move.

I have to be straight. I was for in Los Angeles for a reason. It wasn't an accident. And much as I love it here in the land, the energy is closing off. I feel it. And it's time for me to go.

Even today, we took a wonderful ten km walk including to this field today. I was packing and going to go back to the winery to buy something to take home.

Guess what?

The woman who sat next to me at the birthday party was in a terrible car accident, and almost bit off her tongue. She was fine otherwise, and allowed to go home after many painful stitches. Her car was totaled. Because it was her and a tree, her points for her driving license are not lost. Her insurance will go up.

The daughter called her mother to help with the children, because the woman who had been in an accident was the mother of her husband, who was an emotional wreck because he had no idea how serious the accident had been.

So we were here with the other Anthony and the aunt. Watching the Tour de France. It was fun.

I have several discoveries as of late. Hmmm. Lets see if I can remember what they are...

  • If you are French and your little one has a doll or security blanket, don't use the French word for it around English speaking people. Dou-Dou (pronounced doo doo) means poop in English. 
  • Buddhists are correct for their giving up attachments; sooner or later, everything you care about will leave. Including your body. You might as well accept it.
  • Odette, the woman in the accident, displayed a gesture that didn't surprise me for the results today. She didn't want water. She drinks wine at parties--not water. Well, I accidentally forgot and refilled her glass when she wasn't paying attention. She saw it, and she dumped it out on the plants and complained. I thought, 'this energy is way out of balance, I wonder what is going to happen and when?'  She is a nice lady, I had no judgement, other than to observe that a gift of water--kindness--was not noticed for what it was. That's all.
  • Much of what you think is 'French' in the countryside is really Chinese. They are buying up the vineyards and the castles and real estate at an accelerated pace. 
  • People in France don't like their government any more than we do in the United States. 
  • Don't swim in the Loire River, no matter how inviting it may seem. People drown. All of our family, back for generations, has never gone swimming in it. 
  • There are beautiful fields of cornflowers and cosmos planted between the grapevine acres. They help relieve the illnesses of the grapes.  I also saw licorice planted with other vegetables, as well as lots of marigolds. The people here have some pretty great things figured out.
  • Birds eat lots of grapes because they are thirsty, but most grapes are hidden behind leaves so it doesn't ruin the crop.
  • Service in France is really bad no matter where you go. French people let you know they are serving you, and make you wait. They take their time. They take their break even when the line is long. Most French in service industries wouldn't last a minute in comparable positions back home. And the English that is spoken here isn't very good. The accent is so thick you can't understand it. I recommend you take the Duo Lingo app in French before you leave to visit here and practice it. And know it's not you, it's them, when they make you wait.
  • Archangel Michael is the one who relieves my sadness--he is the best at cheering me up.
  • I am saying to my family, 'next time' and 'see you again''s helping. I am still very sad to go.
  • I have a terrible feeling about a family member who is going to have a surgery soon here in France. I'm praying in advance and sending Reiki and talking to my teams to make sure this loved one does well.
  • Kindness and a genuine interest in another culture goes a long way to establish peace. Anthony is really learning his French, both the language and the culture, much to my delight.
  • When you are really STUCK in Europe, try Amazon. They will deliver in a day. I got some electric plug adapters that way. It's really nice.
  • Accept what Is. There's always a reason for it. <3

Ross wants me to rest. I have a big day tomorrow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple