Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On Friendship -- Gaia News Brief 12 July 2016

Today I am going to write about Chelsey.

She was someone I knew back when I was an anesthesia resident.

Chelsey just died.

It was a tragedy but not to her. I am overwhelmed by her strength. What she thought was perhaps a blocked milk duct two months ago turned out to be stage four breast cancer.

Chelsey is very private, and never told anyone but her closest family and friends.  Her death came as a shock.

She leaves behind a nine-month old daughter.

What amazed me is her spirit, as her husband describes her, at the end. A nurse, she researched her options and was very focused on what steps to take. I find that nurses are often the most pragmatic when it comes to their own end of life. (As a medical student I saw an O.R. nurse have a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm after her daily swim in La Jolla Cove get admitted to Thornton hospital for comfort care only; she refused surgery because she knew the outcomes were not good. She'd had a good life, she told me. Through the day I saw her become obtunded and pass. I'll never forget her courage!)

Her husband says in the last two months she would wake up, and say, 'Today is a beautiful day! What are we going to do with the baby?'

Their last days were precious to them both. They had been together fifteen years.

When she passed it was in her own bed. She refused all the hospital 'equipment' for the home. He was holding her hand. And he said, 'She is just going on some exciting journey and one day we will connect again.'

I couldn't believe the incredible wisdom and insight that couple has!

If only I had been that open with Ross so many years ago, I wouldn't have had to reincarnate and learn so many lessons to heal from his loss.

In a way, Chelsey guides us that our family and loved ones are only 'on loan' to us from Heaven--and when it is time to let them go, it is best to do it with an open heart filled with love and gratitude for the blessing that we have shared, and move on.

I'm going to make you laugh.

Yesterday I started asking Ross and my teams to make my lessons easy.

Ross was like, 'what kind of mastery can you show with that?'

I told him, 'I don't care, I want it easy like when I was in elementary school. I need a rest.'

He told me to write about it.

Please notice he never said 'yes or no' to my request.  This is a VERY typical situation when you are working with the higher realms.

But they listen. And they get to work.  In my own way I was telling him I'm needing a breather, and please, give me a chance to catch up with my own spiritual growth, which is accelerating.

He DID ask me to 'write about it' with you. So I am. Here, right here, and right now.

I am noticing Divine Assistance in one area that usually has me quite frazzled. I am preparing for something. And a little behind in the preparations.

I had a three hour gap in my schedule yesterday morning.

I was able to go, do a power walk at the mall, get my errands done, and also, have a little time for treats.

I stopped by a San Francisco-based bakery.   I got a loaf of asiago bread (for breakfast sandwiches today), two tiny turtle shaped bread 'rolls', chocolate chip cookies, and a little apple pastry for me.

Yesterday I ate my lunch, leftover pasta and salad, and also had a cup of tea with the pastry. It was an answer to a prayer, to have a normal lunch at a normal time and not be rushed.

Last night I made borscht. I am emptying my fridge. I love it when I am pushed a little in the creativity department. We had bread and borscht, a little cheese, and water.

Later, we each got one cookie. I could hear Anthony going, 'mmmmmm!' as he ate his, and he was in Heaven.

I was too. It was such an incredible treat for us, something we NEVER have--bakery cookies.

I think, in a way, it was good for our souls. The little bread turtles were adorable. It was a change from our habits. And the quality was exceptional--many other bakeries have bakery items that aren't good in so many ways.

And on my power walk, I saw a sign that helped me to save one hundred dollars on one of my errands too!

I sense calm and Divine Protection regarding this and another project. I am so grateful things are working out.


Last night Carla went to sleep after ten p.m.  This is really a nightmare for her in parenting. She has today off, Anthony was watching that show where those guys Murr and Q and Sal and Joe do Impractical Jokes.  It was funny. When they had two guys 'open' for an Imagine Dragons concert Anthony was laughing so hard he was almost rolling on the floor.

But Anthony wanted to watch a little 'more'.

Anthony's bedtime routine isn't straightforward.  He has to go to the bathroom, which takes some time, and also brush his teeth and change into his pajamas.

Last night, Carla, who doesn't do these tasks in anything longer than five minutes--had opened the bed for him, turned on the night lights--and waited what seemed to be interminable because she herself was exhausted.

She finally tucked him into bed, and wanted to go to sleep more than anything in the world.

But (one finger goes up--ed) what did she do?

Carla went in her closet and talked to us, her teams. (he taps his chest--with his finger tips as to say 'me').

Carla was honest and said, 'I don't know how I get myself into this--please help' and 'easy lessons please' and also a few other requests.

Carla was falling over and leaning on the wall next to her cushion for support and kept it very short, direct, and to the point in her exhaustion--and when it 'felt right' hopped into her bed and went to sleep.

Carla slept all night.

She is a little tired and sleepy but not like last night.

Where am I going with this you may ask?

It's always that little extra 'push', that 'kick' as you runners call it, when the finish line is in sight that makes the difference between those who are average and those who are successful in what they do.

(big long pause, and looks straight at you--ed).

What you put in, will multiply your efforts (he taps his chest again, with one hand, --ed)  because you have us up here who are allowed to assist like a turbo engine booster in your life experience.

On the one hand, you have the Relax, Allow and Accept--this is the one push in our Spiritual Realms we have in order to work with you on any subject.  First you have to get out of your own way.

Then the energy can flow.

Next, you have to apply the effort. This part is where your free will and your heart (interlaces his fingers--ed) working together guide you on your Life Script, your Life Lessons, which are utterly flexible in the timing but will not allow you to skip anything you signed up to learn before you were born.

(he nods once for emphasis--ed).

With the effort, just like with Carla actually sitting in her meditation space--not by intent for Carla is very capable to 'make the effort' by 'proxy' of intention while lying in her bed--but by actually doing what is visible to all parties involved (we aren't the only ones who are watching)...all of us are able to help you out on your path.

Does this make sense?

Now does this resonate with you?

Then--as they say in sports--just do it!  (he smiles the warmest, kindest smile, and gently rubs his hands one against the other, as if he is excited and looking forward to your part--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple