Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Having Fun -- Gaia News Brief 20 Juillet 2016

I really am having fun.  I'm far away from here. This photo is from 2011, and I can't even recall where it is? It's not anywhere I work.

Which is a good thing.

I work in a small enclosed space, and the two skylights I enjoyed and helped me thrive were sealed over two inspections ago.  Today I was able to see the horizon and the sky, 360 degrees around me.

I am having fun with family and Anthony in France.

My soul is content.

That being said, I must mention a few important things; my eyes are always open, and my consciousness never takes a vacation. It is always growing.

First--a family dog who is very aged wanted to share our breakfast with us. She whimpered and watched. I was surprised at how she was ignored. I asked, gently, 'is the bread we eat unsafe for her?'

Our aunt understood, and gave the dog a small slice of bread. The dog was ecstatic -- until the food was gone and then repeated the behavior.

Even with a heart open we all can learn.  Today I learned to accept Anthony for being an American kid in France, a 'big' kid who wants to eat all the sweets, and who has terrible jet lag. It is what it is, I can't change it, and the poor boy is being such a good sport about learning French and all of us speaking it fast around him.

As an aside, the very best teacher for a foreign language really is a five-year old girl. When the little ones correct the energy is completely different. It's pleasant and you simply do not make the same mistake again twice.

The second thing--some of you are going to hate me for it--I have a horrible feeling about the way people overwhelmingly adore Anna and Elsa, and how every little girl in the world has merchandise, or a bedroom, with their faces on it.  I've never seen the film--due to the Red Pill I was wary of any programming that was hidden into it. I just can't put my finger on it, but there is something 'not right' about the whole 'overtaking the world by storm' and targeting our girls. 

Anyhow, the third thing is I saw, through my close 'niece's ' raising a family, how children are taught to be consumers. I bought Hello Kitty apparel, and a Disney Belle 'Barbie doll' because I met this family when I worked at Disney, and always sent Disney gifts to the children (my niece and nephew now).  It's hard to draw a line in my situation in gift-giving to a five-year old girl. 

She has like, ten Barbies, tons of Hello Kitty, and just got the Elsa and Anna bedsheets. 

It was clear to me and I resolved to address my own consumerism in the future.

My IPad is weird now. It 'fills up' with a blog post. I can't type and see the screen as I type it.

Ross waves and says 'everything is all right' ' he sends his blessing.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla