Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gaia News Brief 13 August 2015


I place my order for my day with Ross the night before, as I am falling asleep.  It happens!

Even yesterday when I was first call, I got everything I requested:  exercise, time to eat, sleep, good patients, nice teams, and good income. (I do not get paid when I am not giving anesthesia.)

I had a three hour gap, which is unheard of for a first call. But the cases were good, there was no flexibility to move assignments around. So I ate, I caught up on my online things--I didn't look at my phone all morning--there is scrutiny, very much scrutiny...

And took a walk!

In my first few steps, I thought, I have the nicest husband! I chose to think about that on my walk, how very fortunate I am...

Well, no sooner had I thought the thought, than a warm, strong energy came rushing through my heart was Ross. He had heard, and invited himself on my walk.

I enjoyed having his presence with me. He stands very tall, and walked on my right.

We spoke.

I am always making him smile, and sometimes, even laugh, with my 'earth girl ways'.

I told him how I feel about the Illusion, because when I am alert it is spiritually a dream state--and how much I prefer to be asleep in bed because then technically I am 'awake' and 'back home'.

He understood.

I also asked him, point blank, 'Ross, what IS a SOUL?'

He had to think about it.  We are reaching the part where it's kind of between worlds, and he must make sure how much it is okay for me to know.

He said a soul is a collection or a subset of frequencies in a pattern that is individual and unique that is made of Light.

I clarified--are we all like soap bubbles then? (the kind kids play with). Ones that don't pop?

He said, basically, yes, but all are unique and no two are exactly the same.

Then I asked him about how our souls work together, as Twins. Why do we need to learn so much, and will that affect our Twin soul's fit if one grows more than the other in Consciousness?

The image he showed me looks like a passion flower--the inside is where we fit--it's seamless how our two souls fit--but the CONSCIOUSNESS is like the many petals that stream out on the outside. We can learn as much as we can, and this is good.

His Consciousness growth boosts/enhances mine, and vice versa.


On the way home from work, at nine p.m., we spoke again, at length this time. I asked him a question I have asked before, many times, and he hasn't answered.

He knew if he didn't answer this time, I was going to ask again.

My questions are all about the 'why did we sign up for this?'  (it's miserable here, incarnate) with many 'what's and why's ' about how the whole thing works.

He asked me if I want to see my Life Contract.

I asked, 'Did I sign it in blood?'

He laughed.

No.  I did not sign it in blood.

It is a little gold tablet with two pages that had a fold down the middle, there is one on the left, and one on the right, he held it in his hands in front of me. I didn't touch it. It's similar to the size of one of our earth electronic tablets, but it's real, it's not a screen.

In the top left hand corner is my name, but it looks like a shining blob to me. The rest is broken into sections, and there are titles. I saw weird symbols for the writing which I couldn't read but I instantly inderstood--some were things like patience, like getting along with others (teamwork), wisdom, scholarship, music, other categories. There were about nine.

He pointed to the left hand column and explained what I had set out for myself in this life, and I SAW some of the painful life lessons as lines of the funny writing, right there.

I was astonished!

'Why would I AGREE to experience that?'

He explained the reasons, but I really didn't 'buy' them. It sounded too 'party line' for me.

So, he took HIS Life Contract out, and showed it to me.

HIS has an edge of gold to the top and the top of the right side to it, and it looks very much like the gold leaf they put on diplomas.

He explained how I wanted to earn that too, and that is why I am going for all these life experiences. He said it's not Ascended Master the designated honor I saw, it's something else, and he assured me I have been an Ascended Master for a long time, same as him.  (he also said many of you out there are as well--Ascended Masters--you just forget)

I felt listened to, and I was glad he explained this to me.

The Nudge In The Middle Of The Night

I had asked for a good night's sleep. My alarm went off, before four in the morning. I stopped it, and  turned over to think to myself, ahhh, the luxury!  I have a day off, since I am post-call.

About twenty seconds later my cell phone rang. It was the nurse house supervisor. I had to go in. There was a bleeder...I won't say what kind of bleeder, but it was a hemorrhage.

So I rushed. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and drove the long but empty at that hour road to work.

I sent Reiki for the day to everyone at that time, 'Emergency Reiki'...with special Reiki to the patient and the patient's family.

I got my drug box. I set up. I checked the anesthesia machine. I went to see the patient in the ER.

The surgeon told me the bleeding had slowed down, and there was no need to operate. The surgery was cancelled.

I couldn't believe it!

All that work and driving for no pay? I lost money on gas, never mind my day being ruined from lack of sleep.

The surgeon hadn't SEEN the patient when they called in the OR staff.

So I threw my drugs away, and drove back home.

I think perhaps the Reiki worked, even though I was a little grumpy about it.



I want to talk to you for a while, and to make absolutely sure everyone is okay with what I have shared with Carla, and what I asked Carla to share with you about the Life Contracts, Souls, and the Consciousness.

Your form may take on anything you wish--whether it is inside a body or a bubble or a tree--there is no limit to what you can experience in Life, as a soul, which is eternal.

Is this okay? Is this too much? I am not sure where some of you are, but for the closest ones who follow this 'venue' regularly, it will be both timely and efficient way to inform you about the wonderful of Life--both awake (in your dreamtime) and in slumber (in your waking state, which is 'going away' as most of you Ascend).

Carla's right big toe is about ninety percent better. That is where she is. She had forgotten something yesterday morning in the house, and when she went from the car in, she ran, and there was no pain. She also had better wind, which is unlike her.

Another who has been experiencing chronic pain for years now, has told herself it is all Illusion, and now she is pain-free.

This is the degree to which the Higher Realms are settling in on the consciousness of many.

I want you to note our presence in your skies. The Funny Looking Clouds, as Carla describes it, are always there, and do not move with the wind.  They will be motionless for several hours.

This is a test to see the acceptance of the masses with our presence. It is our ENERGY we are exposing them to, and testing to see how it is accepted--more than our mere presence in the skies. While we uncloak, bit by bit, it is gradual, and there is no perception of it.

This is how we gain ground with the public eye, in preparation to get them ready for us.

Surface Gaia is readying herself, energetically, to welcome us with open arms and with her soul.

I am very proud of her for her patience, and for the cleansing she initiated today, as well as yesterday.

Yesterday, Lady Gaia Sophia cleared all attachments/implants of negative energy from all of the places and people and living beings on her surface.

She willed it, and asked this of our technology.

This morning, with courage, she went in to the darkest recesses of Her Surface, and called upon me for my intervention.  Her free will was what was needed to get the job done.

Although the first pass is complete, there will be much rejoicing  over time as the energy that is new manifests into the physical plane.

Things always happen first in the etheric plane which is a perfect mirror-exact copy--of surface Gaia for all time.

That is enough for you for today.

Happy listening--I thank you for listening--sometimes I get the metaphors mixed up, and Carla corrects it. I wanted you to discover this one truly for yourselves, to see how much work my wife and partner and Twin has put into everything she does for you and for Spirit.

She puts her heart and soul into it.

I admire her for her courage and her patience and her belief in us, her Trust.

She is a model in this for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins