Saturday, August 29, 2015

Emergence -- Gaia News Brief 29 August 2015

End Of The Vacation

Everything happens with Divine Timing.  And so it is with my vacation, as it draws to a close.

I needed it. I needed the comfort and relaxation of my favorite place--at least one of them!  Victoria is somewhere my boy and I have a common history, from our past lives in addition to our having come back here before the school year begins for the last five years in a row.

There are always lessons.

There is always clearing of negativity, this time, with the entire Commonwealth. I was placed in just the right place, at just the right time, with just the right circumstances, to do this healing.

I also, on this trip, made great progress with reconnecting to my First Nations soul heritage.

This doesn't come easy. First you must establish trust, and show you are both trustworthy, honest, and sincere.

I have around my neck a small bead of silver--there is a design on it I need a magnifying glass to see--but it is a gift from someone who is of the Metis tribe.  We met her by 'accident'--we thought her houseboat was a gift shop on our very first visit. Anthony and Pauline 'clicked' and have ever since.

I think perhaps there is a soul connection between those two. At five, when we both were seeing but not yet talking about the indian chief apparition in our hotel room--Anthony revealed he had been the son of my best friend in that life, when I was Chief's daughter.  He came back to me because he liked me.

We spent a wonderful day yesterday together, us three, Pauline, Anthony, and I--on Salt Spring Island, and then to Crofton and Duncan and back to Victoria.  As we traveled through different areas--both by ferry and road--I experienced this incredible sense of being shown these areas to nurture and strengthen my very soul for its hard journey.

The sunset you see in the above photo is from Clover point, off the straight the Juan de Fuca...we shared it together while Anthony was skipping stones with joy and delight off the shore.

Ross has explained to me gently, his wishes for our last meal tonight. He wants me to act as if it is our last time in Victoria. He says, 'life is unpredictable'. He is right.

So for everyone here who has shown us hospitality and kindness, I thank you, and look forward to enjoying the last few hours I have in this town left.

Emergence from the Illusion

I had a funny 'feeling' about our plans for today to go whale watching. Anthony had wanted to go, but something didn't feel right. It was MORE than knowing it was choppy, and with the wind it's very hard to see a blow spout from the whale.

Somehow, on YouTube, we saw a documentary about the Tsunami of 2004, on Boxing Day.  It was very well done, including actual footage of five different places the tidal wave his--Bandeh Aceh, Sri Lanka, Phuket, and another resort area north of there, and an island PhiPhi...

What I learned is that there are some who are intuitive--one son had 'bad dreams' and a terrible premonition 'something awful was going to happen' for seven nights. He ended up losing his sister.

Others experienced denial, or intrigue with nature, in total and complete misunderstanding of the deadly wave as the water drained so very far out to sea.

There was footage of the disaster itself, the surge of water along with all the heavy debris.

Then there was the recovery of those lost, the stench, the grieving, and the healing both from the physical and the purpose for life.

We saw people washed out to sea with a shattered hip, a broken clavicle, or intact, who never thought they would live, but were recovered on fishing boats.

We saw others who went scuba diving, and although underneath the surface the water was 'like a whirlpool'--they were unscathed.

Many--about one third of the loss of life--were children. Some mothers felt guilty because there were more than one child with them and they could only save one.

Why the morbidity of this subject?

Because a Tsunami of Love has been flooding the planet. It will reach a tipping point, and a shift, sometime in our lives.  It will be for the better, and at total and complete Divine Timing, I am sure.

Depending on one's own spiritual development, this energy is going to affect no two people the same.

People who have worked hard on their growth, will experience it like 'flying first class'--with ease and comfort.  I have read this somewhere, but Ross hasn't explained it to me like this, I could be misinterpreting things.

But what I DO know is there is going to be the fascination and denial, the interaction with the great force of spirit, and the aftermath where people are going to possibly go separate ways.

In the Tsunami documentary, I experienced more appreciation and respect for the Angels and what they do to 'process' this great number of souls, over two hundred fifty thousand, who transitioned in one day.  The logistics boggle the mind.

And so we are in excellent hands for whatever happens with Ascension, the grand Awakening of everyone on Surface Gaia--for who goes to 3D, and who goes to 5D, no matter how it 'comes down' is going to be a miracle of miracles, and done with the greatest love and caring, that only Heaven can give.

P.S. there was a sailing advisory this afternoon--a Ferry was cancelled and also every whale watching cruise this afternoon. We were at Fisherman's Wharf and saw the captains sent home.

Emergence From Foie Gras

I had a realization that the lifestyle I lead with my son is not that much different from how certain beings are force fed and kept confined to keep them 'marketable'.

We live our lives in a survival mode, eating in a hurry, because otherwise we won't eat.

I never exercise or get enough rest, because there are too many things to do, and I am exhausted.

I spoke about the way I LOVE waking up with the sun, going to sleep early, and having a full night's sleep while I am on here--with Ross--and I asked him to guide me how to make a more pleasant existence for us where I can be more in tune with the needs of our bodies while we are in them.

Anthony is awesome and never complains. I thank Ross with all my heart and soul for helping me to leave obstetrics, where the anesthesia is any time of day or night, and often, through the night without rest.  It is one HUGE improvement over the quality of my life--at an expense of compensation--but helping so very much with our well-being and our time together at home for Anthony and me.

I don't know what the future holds for us. I enjoy working with patients, and I am very good at what I do.  It's the lack of free time, and the lack of spontaneity or ability to make plans, which is of concern.

I know that as Ascension begins, we will reach the ability to work less, and to enjoy life more.

So this 'emergence' from our experience in 'duality' is most welcome, and I look forward to using all Divine Assistance to help me find my way from 'here' to 'where I want to be'.

I trust in the process, and am willing to participate as much as I can to 'get it correct'.


Carla is having fun on her vacation. Both of us know it isn't going to last forever.

The same goes for us as a couple--with me where I am and Carla being incarnate.

I explained to her that the actual experience of being incarnate at this moment in history is a very special treat, that you can't experience anywhere else in the cosmos, and it is something to be enjoyed like a special roadstop meal you can only get (for example. Lee's chicken in Duncan...BC).  It's something you wouldn't expect to be that good by looking at it from the road, but going on experience (this time Pauline's local insight), not only were they able to enjoy a family meal for less than what Pauline spent for the three of them on breakfast at the hotel--they were able to have 'bragging rights' to share about it with the locals who didn't know about it here at the hotel who served them breakfast today!

So everything happens for the better.

(rubs hands together--ed)  As for me, how am I doing with my revelation to Carla about our 'relationship' and my infidelity when I was incarnate with her?

I am feeling MUCH better. It has been hanging over my head for about six months, and I have been holding back, trying to find the right moment to risk everything we had in our new relationship, and to be honest with her about why she is 'delicate' in certain parts of her heart, now, without even knowing I am the reason why in the first place this came to be.

Now we have moved on and I am feeling the freedom and the happiness that comes with taking a risk on the stability of one's relationship, and 'making right' once and for all between our hearts.

If there is someone in your life with whom you have 'great distance', for example, not talking or speaking or contacting one another for many years, I want you to think about the people who were dying, or at the brink of destruction during the Tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004 in the South Pacific and Indian oceans--and how the love in their hearts, the prayers, and the endless looking at the lists and the hospitals and the morgues to locate their lost family...I want you to 'keep it straight' and 'get things right' while you still have the ability, once and for all, before the Tidal Wave 'hits', and everyone awakens.

You will have a soft conscious no matter what.

Try to make it a little easier on yourselves for what is coming next.

Do like I did, and take your worst nightmare, and share it with those who deserve to have the very best part of you in the relationship with them.

It will pass. I tell you, when there is love in your heart, life can be so amazing! And the afterlife?  Everything is a miracle filled with love and joy and music of the stars!

I echo this delight in my relationship with Carla every day.  I just don't talk about it much.

I love you and everyone on surface Gaia who is incarnate. I love you for your powerful dedication to the Light...for everything you do...and for your kindness you show to my wife who is asking me daily now, 'Ross, when can I go Home? when can I be with you, honey?'

The people in the middle of the Tsunami in Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka wished that wish too.

Some of them came to me, up here, where I am. And others found the strength to build a new life.  Whenever there is great distress, there is always the wish to seek Home, with the comfort and security and safety one knows.

But there is also a 'home away from home', and Victoria has become somewhat of that to our family--incarnate (smiles-ed) our Carla and Anthony on earth.

So never forget the comfort and hospitality of all we are doing in the Higher Realms to 'make things right' and hospitable for you, in your Earth Walk... (see the SaLuSa posted from yesterday for more)..and do your best to learn your lessons, and to be LOVE 'walking around on two feet'--until your are finished with your assignment, your journey, and your experience with Life.

Try to make Peace at every opportunity, no matter how humbling or humiliating you may feel at the prospect of asking for forgiveness and love, like I with my Carla here, over my past.

It is most definitely worth it.

So why today, find the one in your heart who needs forgiveness--to be given or asked to give--and make a plan for how to 'make things right'.

I and my teams will help you.

You can found on us to help you find the Divine Timing and the Right Situation to turn up just for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Hearts