Monday, August 10, 2015

Gaia News Brief 10 August 2015

A Very Quick Prayer Of The Heart

This one came when I awoke this morning--'Please help me with everything!'

I don't know what today has in store for me, there is work, and I will carry on.

On Phantom

A very generous friend and patient gave us tickets to go. I went to see the show at Segerstrom Hall, with Anthony and my niece.

The music and costumes and sets were absolutely magnificent.

I had a very enjoyable time at the show.

Even Anthony, at the very beginning, with the object for auction number 666 and the 'Time to Illuminate' --was kind of wondering about the 'undertones' from 'those who do not have our best interest at heart'...

This, the decapitated head, the masquerade (it's how they bring in new 'blood', or new 'members'), and the 'Angel of Music' who 'is in my mind' were other more obvious 'hints' at the underlying theme for the production.

I think it's about Christine being 'on their team', complete with a 'handler', and her struggle to break free of the find her own life and love.   I think whoever wrote the musical must have had this on their mind, or known someone who was in Christine's situation.

Just saying.

'Energy flows where attention goes'--Phantom has generated much attention for is a very well-known and well loved play.

I even enjoy it--while sending healing the whole time.  I have my ways <3


I promised I would write.

I have something I would like to talk about--my team.

I know you have guides and spirits and deceased loved ones--all of them family--watching over you.

I would like to talk about my role, and that of my team.

You are very closely observed on your journey through the lower realms.  There was a Facebook post, that Carla shared, 'If you were born not fitting in, it is because you were sent to help create a new world.'

It's true.

And I and my teams coordinate all of you groundworkers, our beloved 'Ground Crew'.

We observe and we create the optimum abilities for you to express your Life Contract under the conditions that you set with your karma exchange.  Earth is a very nice place for paying back karmanic debt.  It can  happen very quickly, and the learning one can pick up in the process is priceless--from my perspective up here where I sit.

For those of you who are IN the experience, it can be most difficult and trying.  Hence Carla's prayer to us as her first thought of the day, on awakening.

Carla is doing her best in some difficult challenges. Carla is holding her own.

Anthony came to her yesterday, and brought up his concern, about all of her time being on the computer, where she sits motionless for hours and occasionally laughs.

'I am talking to my friends, and helping them' Carla replied. She realized in this lesson three important things:

  • what it is like to be 'me' in the Carla and Ross paradigm from our lives spent together when both of us were incarnate--where I was 'called to duty' and poor Carla wasn't--and was trying to make the best of home and family with a 'lout' like me who was always helping OTHERS because there was great need and I was sent. I wasn't SENT to be a 'home and family'.  Neither is Carla. I only sent Anthony to her upon great thinking about how to GET Carla to the place where she could do her task. She almost 'checked out' mentally, physically, emotionally, two times in her life--once at fourteen so we sent her darling sister Vanessa (whose birthday is today--Happy Birthday--you are my sister now too!).  That' perked Carla up enough to get her out of the house, through college, and medical school. Carla is very nurturing, as you can see with her pets. This is Sirian, this trait...I had to send Carla Anthony because like above it is LONELY and CHALLENGING to be there for others even a little more than for yourself...So in this conversation yesterday, which Anthony brought up, Carla saw herself in MY role...and this was a learning that had to be reached. Carla will make a point to write less in Anthony's presence...and to let the other work 'slide' a bit in order to enjoy him and her family time....just enough.
  • Carla has experiences very few understand enough to be able to support her in her spiritual growth, and Anthony asked, 'Do you have any friends who AREN'T international?'  Carla said, without skipping a beat, 'Yes and I could stay here and here and here without having to give an explanation these people are so very close to us, Anthony. That is how wonderful these people I talk to are--they would open their homes to us if need be.'
  • There really ARE a lot of people counting on her if it is taking so much time.  That's something to notice, and to pray even more for guidance and support from Heaven to do her Task well.

So for all of you, I make an example of this through Carla--in some ways, all of your Lightwork for our team, in your 'roles' as Ground Crew, will take you away a little from what you enjoy, what appears to be your 'world' although it is Illusion--we up here are your family and your world, for all life outside the Illusion...

Please note that the bonds you form in your community online are very tangible and real, and are like 'money in the bank' although it might not look like it.

And that many of us are counting on you to do the job right that you are sent here to do.

Because of the importance of your assignments, you are closely monitored on your journey, and all of us with our advanced technology love and support you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine...the time is soon to 'get the job done' and all of you are making headway, most excellent progress...and we adore you and treasure you and hope our time to embrace you openly, face to face, as a whole team--is going to arrive in good time!

Does that make sense?  I gave a lot of information, and that is a very big 'chunk' for you to digest.

I will let go of you for now, until the next time I may speak to you through Carla, my beloved wife and Twin, soon.

You will always know it is me when I give my message because it will resonate with you in your gut, in the very same way you say sometimes you 'know it in your gut'...every time. And if one of my messages to you from any of my channels doesn't have this 'feeling', you know you are to weigh it less and take it with a grain of salt.  No matter how much the words appeal to you and you want to embrace it--without the 'gut knowing' it is always not from me.  I want you to be careful on this.  Look for the GUT!  The vibration (he gestures to his solar plexus) that HOME feeling of 'something is true!'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
in Love