Sunday, August 2, 2015

At The Edge -- Gaia News Brief 2 August 2015

Wakey Wakey

This photograph represents a new connection between realms in the joint practice of energy medicine with conventional medicine.

I Can't Explain...

Yesterday the gastroenterologist wanted to do a case in the morning. I was backup call. So I offered to come in for GI cases.  There was one in the Main OR, but I FELT the day would be crazy busy all day long one case after the next.

My first call person for today was my backup yesterday. He asked me 'do you want to work?'--he tried to get out of his call assignment.

That's because it was just a few cases and not worth the money.

I said, 'I AM working. I have three cases.'

Since I didn't know if he wanted to work or not, I offered to do them for him, and he could do the ones in the OR.

This was all by text.

The House Supervisor calls me. She says that I do the one case in Main OR, and the other guy 'wants the three GI cases'.


Well he texts me saying he called OUR BOSS who says HE GETS FIRST PICK, and he wants GI.

I told him, 'The nurse told me a long time ago.' And in another text, 'If more cases add on I hope you will consider a switch because I want the shortest lineup and to Go Home!'

Sure enough, a case followed immediately after mine, keeping me in the OR long enough for him to finish the GI lineup and come relieve me.

I knew it! But who would believe me?!


My Heart and the Lesson

If a lesson doesn't get learned, it is repeated, over and over again, until one 'gets it'.

For the trend I have been experiencing at work has been intensifying--people who are morbidly obese who need anesthesia.

For perspective, take your weight in kilograms, and divide it by your height in meters squared.  This is you BMI, or Body Mass Index.

BMI 20-25 is normal and healthy

BMI above 25 but not 30 is 'overweight'.

BMI above 30 is 'obese'

BMI above 40   is 'Morbidly obese' (typically one hundred pounds over ideal weight)

BMI above 50 is 'Super Morbidly Obese'

BMI above 60 is 'Super Morbidly Obese To The Extreme'

I once had a woman with BMI of 80--four feet ten inches tall, and four hundred pounds...I got a spinal in her.  Everyone at the conference I went to where I shared stopped me in the halls and asked, 'Are YOU the One???'.

The reason the anesthesiologist looks in your mouth before surgery is to identify how smooth or challenging the insertion of the breathing tube is going to be.

When the patient is obese, the weight presses on the lungs, which decreases the amount of 'spare oxygen' there is to allow a leisurely intubation.

I have thirty seconds before a pre oxygenated  obese patient will turn blue.  (A lean patient I have five minutes)

Sometimes someone has to lift the chest weight away from the neck and mouth for me, so I can get my blade in to intubate (I typically use a Glide Scope for any Mallampati 3 or 4 patient--it's how we classify the view when we look in the back of the throat before surgery).

It's risky.

It's physically exhausting to lift the head or move the patient. We have a little inflatable mattress which really helps. The Hover Mat.

Yesterday I realized THESE People Need Love Too.

Even though the act of giving anesthesia is dangerous, and not to be taken lightly, and I don't enjoy those working conditions...

They are here with us in the OR because something is terribly wrong and on all levels these patients need our help!  The energy imbalance has gone on long enough to affect the thinking, the self-esteem, and the body's workings itself.

I also realized that people undergoing bariatric surgery--unconsciously--are 'good' because they are 'doing something about it'...up until yesterday I held this belief. Now it is gone because Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can.

The Oral Boards Question

In training, we are challenged and given a formal oral examination in the presence of two board examiners on how well we handle the patient with multiple co-existing disease, so much that caring for one disease with the anesthesia plan may hurt the other disease. (For example, a urology patient must be hydrated, and given plenty of iv fluids--but in heart failure, this can be fatal)

We get all worked up over these stressful cases.

They want us to get worked up over them.

What if we were like, 'Oh well?', right?

So our VIGILANCE and our wanting to keep things as safe as possible is WHY all of the above is happening in our practice of anesthesia.

They Have Other Priorities

Some people are caregivers--raising others who depend on themselves. They don't have time to care for themselves. They are in survival mode.

Others don't make a habit of exercise, and after a certain point, it's too difficult for some people to begin.

Some have injuries and pain that limit movement.

Some have emotional pain, and the food is 'more than fuel' to them.

Others might not know anything of nutrition, or be able to afford that which is nutritious for them.

The only thing they have in common, all of these patients who are obese, is that the yellow chakra near the solar plexus is imbalanced.

And no matter how much we do--or how invasive--without the balance in the energy --not much change is going to take place for very long.

They will gain it back.

At my work many are on Medifast. That's all they eat, for weeks. And lose tons of weight.

I asked my bariatric surgeon--how he does it? A SLOW carb diet when he needs to lose five pounds.

For the Medifast--which is very expensive--he says they will 'all gain it back'.

Personally, I am terrified of the metabolism slowing down after eating tiny packets of fake food for weeks and weeks.

But when I was vegetarian--I needed to eat--often! And likewise, I needed the toilet, a lot.

Eating vegetarian takes time to chew everything.

My work wasn't really equipped for this. I ate a lot of energy bars because there are no 'formal breaks' like I had when I was in residency. Fifteen minutes in the morning and thirty for lunch. When there was lunch. There were no afternoon breaks.

We are at the mercy of our lifestyles, and not everyone has their say in what is demanded of their time and energy and sleep.


Cindy brought in some babies for us to grow.  Did you know the caterpillars only take about three days to reach full size? I'm not sure on the metamorphosis. But the adults only live one month.

In Native American tradition, the egg is the idea, the larvae is the work to make a dream happen, and the butterfly is the completed project.

I didn't know it's so 'quick' in real life.

Update on Dr. Bret

He had his big surgery, experimental surgery, in July. Only now is he starting to take clear liquids.

I'm grateful for his blogging.

One of my surgeons is the one who wrote the order for Bret's first CT scan. The one to find out why he was losing weight.

He flew up to Stanford to see Bret.  He walked with him in the halls.  Just for a day.

He is concerned 'we might lose him'.

All your prayers, Reiki and love and much appreciated for this excellent orthopedic surgeon with cancer...



About the weight. Was my Twin out of line talking with you frankly about that?

"Everyone has a few extra pounds, and now Carla is BLAMING me for what I already know?" you might say?

Uh -uh (as in no)

Carla points out, from the first lines, that this ANGEL here is the being who is trapped inside something she can't explain, but through her medical practice suspects there are 'outside influences' which affect 'the original design' for the human body.

Notice how the angel in the picture is YELLOW?

I exaggerate this to help you find your marks.

This is a race to 5D.  Not everyone is going to make it.

Some will spend more time in duality, with the equivalent of the Powers That Were.

Who wants to be left behind with a society where the 'rulers' (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart) EXPLOIT the masses with a sedentary lifestyle, high calorie nutrient deficient chemical laden foods (obesity IS a risk factor for cancer! more chemicals, more cancer, if you ask me)...

It's NOT your fat.

It's not your fault.

Carla has a way of saying how these high school athletes can't help but get obese after eating whatever they want while playing, and then 'HALT!' who goes there?--going to sedentary lifestyles of studying in college and going to work?

Carla says that the 'geeks' who are the 'brainiacs' who are not athletic often fare better with their weight, because they keep their intake and their energy output static (the same)--over time.

Then there are genetics and more...

All of the truth will come out.

I want you to think about it.

Anthony is home and here now from his father.

The poor child threw up three times last an engagement part for their friend where according to Anthony, 'every adult had alcohol in their hand the whole time, either shot, beer, or wine.'

Carla--go to him.

(ed--I saw him, he looked awful, in his least favorite clothes, with dog hair all over. He had slept on the couch in an RV at the party, which was a good three hour drive from here...they also 'watched the fight--it was a girl boxing match, with a knockout--I got literally sick when he told me that.  The vibration is unimaginably low.)

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla and Anthony
The Reiki Doc Family