Friday, September 13, 2013

The 'Continuous Source Of Reiki'

When I was taking Reiki instruction, I was taught that Reiki looks like this (see photo). The therapeutic session, one-on-one, with a Reiki table, hands-on or hands-off but 'this' was 'Reiki'.

As I gave anesthesia during long cases, there wasn't much to do. In a five-hour case (that is average, some are even longer!) when the patient is stable I used to read journals and the news between the routine checks I do, always monitoring, always recording, but something to keep the mind alert and fresh...

I don't recall when the thought turned to me to try giving Reiki to a patient. It must have been something like: with enough practice giving Reiki the hands can 'sense' the presence of disease--I wonder if in the presence of 'diagnosed disease' my hands may learn all of that even faster?

And Doctors With Reiki was born.

At the Reiki Master class, we were asked 'why we wanted to be at this level, it is a partnership with Spirit, and which way do you see your work going to go?'

I wanted at once to bring Reiki to the hands of my peers and coworkers in the hospital, so during routine care like my anesthesia services, Reiki could be like 'icing on the cake'. Already my hands 'felt' the twitches of neurosurgical intraoperative monitors (SSEP, MEP, etc), they 'felt' disease, and I could 'talk' sometimes with the 'patient's consciousness' through my mediumship during the case.

I never really paid attention to the part in Reiki class where my teacher said 'sometimes people become Reiki Masters in order to be a continuous source of Reiki to others--in the office, in the school, in the home...'

Being a Continuous Source of Reiki is like being a High Vibration Aura which 'is contagious' to every aura it interacts with.  It is kind of like being a mini-vortex everywhere you go. There is healing just throughout your surroundings when you are 'there'.

I don't think you have to learn Reiki to be a Continuous Source of High Vibration.

I bet with enough conscious effort to Raise the Vibration, and to keep it that way (avoid aura weakening things--that's why I'm not in a club or a bar tonight--instead I seek forms of entertainment that are 'aura reinforcing and strengthening'). A big part of this is to 'pluck out' any thoughts that might pass through your mind that have focus on Fear, Lack, Betrayal, Jealousy, and the like. If it is a feeling along those lines, feel it, and move on. Concentrate on Love, Peace, Well-Being, Harmony and Gaia.

You will be so glad you chose to do these things!

And so will everyone else who is around you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc