Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reiki And Divorce

'It's the one with the fireman. He wanted another woman. They are sharing the house.' my neighbor explained to me about the presence of her daughter all of a sudden in the house, and the extra car in the spot.  She was on her way to church, and going out of the neighborhood as I was turning in. We rolled down our windows and we talked. (This is a very Southern California thing, to socialize while still inside your vehicles...)


The first thing that his me was the pain. The pain of the rejection. They had said their vows, she had given him two kids, twelve and fourteen now. And he wanted someone else.

'Sharing the house' is a new concept where the kids stay and the parents alternate. It is like visitation in reverse, where he goes to work and to the girlfriend while she is with the children on her eighteen days of the month to be with them. And on his twelve, she is with her mother. It is the parents who are displaced from their psychologically devastating..

Women ruin their bodies for men. Childbirth, unless you are a supermodel with resources galore to 'get you back together' or a celebrity with 'plenty of help' you know, nannies, maids, and the rest, when is there time to take care of YOU?

And yet all men want a lady on the streets and a freak in the bed. Got that? Barbie by day and Jenna Jamison by night. Even Jenna is Jenna in the day and not Barbie! LOL.

A deeper look says, 'Although painful, this is the right thing for him to do.'

How can I say that?

Because The Stronger Vibration Wins. Energetically, the Stronger Vibration draws the other partner towards theirs. My close friend, who found her soul mate, discovered he had a drinking problem. Big time. It really got her down. For years...does this make sense? They are both intuitive, open-minded Light workers. Even they are not safe!

Men, whether gay or straight, want a partner with a strong POSITIVE Vibration. Otherwise they feel their energy being 'sucked away'. Their Life Force. Their sex organ is a 'meter' of how attracted they are, and how 'happy' in the energy of the relationship (all medical problems aside). It doesn't obey promises. This is where the mind, the consciousness, the health of the relationship come into play--nobody knows how it will turn out. If he is unhappy, how will he decide?

If he stays, everyone feels it. If he cheats, everyone knows. If he gets counseling, if the couple really work at it, they might heal.

But if the Vibrational Differences are too great between them--for all I know perhaps SHE is the one with the vibration so high it makes his 'denser' energies uncomfortable--it is better for them to part.

Then the energy difference is not like a cancer that is eating away at their auras. Auras get hurt, and auras can heal. Sometimes there is opportunity for the other to find something better and move on. Case in point: Shania Twain.

I remember one day early in High School, when I looked across the quad at campus and realized, 'There is nobody here who is a match for me'. (Just last night, I cried tears to Creator, because my very high vibration is not compatible with a partner in the flesh. It has taken this long for me to understand.)

I had a boyfriend the next year in High School. He really loved me. But he got jealous when I won the Medal in English instead of him. It was the beginning of the end.  (People who are Very High Vibration tend to be intelligent, smart, do well in academics, especially the sciences.)

My first and second husbands got suicidal on me. I realize my Very High Vibration was making their denser Vibration extremely uncomfortable. The second one got jealous of the bird. I have a cockatoo, a Goffin's, who is Very High Vibration. We don't have to speak, we 'connect' and share an emotional bond. Just like I do with babies, animals, and children, all of whom have Higher Vibration than the average adult. So even though we loved each other, my husbands and I were not able to make the relationship 'work'.

I strayed for a short time in the second marriage. It was at the end. The energy was so crazy in the household, and so uncomfortable for me that I had to see if a way out was the solution. In the arms of someone else, I realized our 'marriage' was anything but healthy. It was dead. And that is why I chose to leave it.

I never married the father of my child. We were soul mates, I knew. I could feel the energy. But not all soul mates 'work out'. He is the one that broke it off. It was actually on the day I found out I was pregnant. There was a note under the front door. I thought long and hard that day. I wanted to never see him again. But I thought of the baby. How could they not know their father? So I told him my condition. We got back together for four months, Then in the middle of my one and only pregnancy massage from him--he is a massage therapist--he kissed my stomach, told the baby he would wait for it, and walked out.

I share all of this because I want you to know I have experienced devastation not once, not twice, but many times throughout all of my love relationships.

If it is any consolation to you, through my study of Energy and Auras, I understand WHY the breakups happen...why the man strays...why the 'other woman' tries to 'take him' all has to do with the energy.

It also has a lot to do with Spiritual Growth. No two people always Grow in the same way, at the same pace and direction. And when it not longer 'fits', although it is uncomfortable, do not be sad to go your separate ways. Although I personally would be sad if I had to pay for expensive laser treatments to remove a tattoo! Shhhhh, I make you laugh in order to comfort take your mind out of that cycle of 'what ifs' and 'what did I do' I know so well and have experienced myself.

This was Spiritual Life or Death for both of you--you made the choice as a couple for Stagnation or Life, for 'Low Spiritual Growth' or 'High Spiritual Growth', you see?

Take this from someone who once left a packed shopping cart unattended in a grocery store at Thanksgiving--I divorced and the decorations 'got to me', and I left the market in tears. I didn't want other people to see me cry...

I know it is awful when you have joint custody to interact with them at all of the exchanges. That hurts.

But you know what? Sometimes it is through the eyes of the children that you learn the karma your ex is paying back with their own love life! Those little ones say EVERYTHING! I know for a fact, now, my baby daddy would have brought me down big time, and not given me the joy I know I deserve, although at the time, I thought he would give it.

Take a good look at your life. Is it the way you wanted it? What is your Dream? Or, if it has been a long time, what was it?

How do you feel in your Heart? You know, that heart-of-hearts that guides you? Is it Happy? Does it Sing? It can, and it will, if you listen to it. It might take time and effort to go through with it, but only you can make the improvements to make your Life amazing and wonderful.

And Reiki is a powerful tool to heal the aura and the body.

That's why I send it to anyone that ever reads this blog. Every single day. For free.

Because I care about your heart and yes, your Happiness. We are Ohana!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc