Monday, September 9, 2013

Helping The Soon To Transition

A notice went out today from my Reiki teacher--one of our group had a Reiki request for a brother-in-law who was going to die from cancer soon.

My teacher asked those of us Reiki III and higher to send the Transition Symbol to help make it an easier passing from this world to the next.

I sent the distance symbol. I started the Reiki flow. And he noticed!

Here is the following conversation:

Him: Are you coming to take me to Heaven?

Me: No, not yet. I am here to help you prepare for it.

Him: (gestures at me) But you look like...with the clothes...and the--

Me: (I cut him off) No, I am not an angel. They have wings! I am just, well, I just look like this, okay?

Him: I want to GO! (I sense that he wants to know the mysteries and how everything works 'on the other side', he wants it very much.)

Me: (I give him a 'sneak peek': I 'dial in' to the energies of Heaven--they are very High Vibration--so he can 'feel' it)

Him: Wow! Oh wow!

Me: Is there anything else you want to do or anyone you wish to make peace?

Him: Nope. I'm done. All good.

Me: Are you sure there isn't anything else you would like, one last thing?

Him:  (he thinks about it) I would like one last happy memory before I go. (I see him with family, and really enjoying them, and making them smile.)

Me: Well that is it then. (I give the symbols and explain what they are for. I also give him one to help with pain.)

He was very happy. Very very happy and then I gently told him it was time for me to go.


Reiki isn't like this every time. Or with every person I help. But I am a medium, and for over twenty years I have been helping souls to cross over to the Light. I change my appearance to match what 'works best' with them. For this one, I was 'myself', in my true Light Body. I can't reach that when I am not 'meditating'--not in every day, even if I try.

All of this took about five minutes.

As you can see, Reiki is an incredible tool for healing, both for the family and for the soon to cross over.

Why not look into a class to learn Reiki today? And if you know it, why not move up a level? The right teacher will find you. It always works like this.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc