Friday, September 6, 2013

Metaphysical Victoria

Paranormal. First Nations. History. Large population. Tradition. A popular cruise ship stop. Very mild weather compared to mainland Canada. And magnetic earth energy (Ley lines) that intersect.

Victoria, British Columbia is a fascinating place.

If you are a worker for the Light, what do I suggest that you do? What options have you?

  • Enjoy where you are 'nudged' to travel and explore! Last year, I wanted to see Sooke. And I did. There was a beautiful stretch of stone beach that was very healing for me.
  • First Nations sites are marked with large statues. For example, Songhees' Point. You might wish to visit them.
  • See whales. Take a tour. The water is calm and the vistas are beautiful. The whales are magical to observe. 
  • Shop. You have three choices downtown. On Johnson street there is Dark Horse Books, more of a used bookstore. I didn't go inside. (there is a certain 'mystery school' all over the area, signs of it are everywhere, and there was a guidebook to 'it' in the window; there is no 'connection' whatsoever to this 'mystery school' for me.) The other is Avalon, in the back right hand corner in Market Square. They have exceptionally nice crystals. There is an online store too: Right across the street, in Chinatown, is another store. I bought some very fine pendulums there. The owner is nice, but a little reserved. Our California ways were a little 'much' for her until she 'warmed up'.
  • Go organic. This store had a nice selection of just about everything. There is a nice chocolate with honey in it that is 'activated' that is sold there 'handmade Manuka Honey Chocolate Truffle Bar' I also bought this coffee: Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee. I met the owner, and he shook my hand. It is grown in the shade in Thailand, and supports for the Thai and the non-Thai (Burma or Malaysian) long-time residents who are not eligible for services. There is a school. They fertilize with elephant dung and chicken poop! The coffee tastes wonderful (I take it black) The phone is 1-855-263-7662 and the email is   . There is no website, unfortunately!
  • Exercise! You can walk along the Harbor, rent a bike, play tennis, or even ride a zip line nearby. It is good for your energy when you exercise.
  • Feed a seal. There is a blind harbor seal near Fisherman's wharf. You can buy fish for it, and hold it out by the pier. The seal is blind and has very sharp teeth. My son would let go of the fish as the seal came up with the open mouth, just to be careful!
  • See The Butchart Gardens. It is magical. Take more pictures than you think. Everything looks even better on camera and you will have so many memories!
  • Take a Ghostly Walk--this is a very reputable organization that will let you know more of the history of the area. It can be scary for some, but is not intended to be more than 'a little spooky'.
  • Watch a water ferry 'taxi water ballet'. This is charming! Don't miss it!
  • Get Roger's Chocolates on Government Street
  • Try Poutine--Grilligan's or La Belle Patat (tuesdays are buy one get one free)
  • Have tea. Ask your concierge for details. We have gone to the Butchart and the Empress, both are wonderful.
  • Wash your clothes! This place was very nice but the WiFi didn't work for us Here is a photo--

This vacation, I haven't wanted to 'do' much. The weather has been cool, and we have mostly stuck to our 'tried and true' favorites.  It has been an excellent trip.

Ways to get here? Float plane. Connector flight from Vancouver or Seattle. Coho Ferry. Cruise Ship. Or even 'your own boat' if you are into navigating!

Best wishes for a fabulous stay.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc