Monday, September 23, 2013

Blackbird And The Stingrays

I have always loved animals more than I love people. Humans have the nasty ability to lie and to trick you. I once got terribly tricked by a group of human boys one day, suffered great bodily harm, and wound up with PTSD.

Animals, on the other hand, having such very high vibration and always staying true to character, provided a safe break from the humans. Our dog kept all of my secrets and most of my tears, and always kept my trust.

As the energies of Gaia and her inhabitants keep raising, I have my eye on my dream caretaker role: working with animals. A terrible cat allergy has kept me from my original goal of being a veterinarian. In a way, I suppose, this has been a blessing, since I never could put animals 'down' in the first place. And I suppose there would not have been much interest in the blog written by Reiki Vet?

Recently, there have been two direct experiences with animals this weekend that were 'different' from the norm.

Let's begin with the surf lesson. I took care of a professional surfer's wife. Growing up in Southern California, I know how important it is for a young man to be able to surf and skate and snowboard.  You aren't taken seriously in your social life if you don't. It's not cool. So I arranged for lessons for my son. Because I saved the wife's life, a lesson for me got thrown in for free...(don't worry, I still paid them).

surfboards are HEAVY and awkward!

Wearing wetsuit tops and bathing suit bottoms, we waded out into the surf with our boards at my boy's favorite beach, Bolsa Chica. The child was anxious, and wanted to go where we have body boarded for years. What he didn't know, and that the teacher and I knew full well, was that in the off season, this beach had been taken over by stingrays. So much that the surfers call it 'ray bay' and the local news says, 'don't go'. I told him to 'shuffle his feet' to scare the rays away.

Here is the interesting part--at the end of the day, the boy stepped on zero, I stepped on two, and the surf instructor stepped on twenty and got stung once. (BTW the 'cure' is meat tenderizer, not urine, for stingray stings).

This is an example of the power of manifestation. The boy had no concept of the rays, except for me telling him to shuffle his feet like always. He wanted to surf! We were out in the water for two hours.  I was 'open' and 'cautious', always shuffling my feet except for when I came down off the board. The first time I hit, it felt like the rays at the touching pond at the local aquarium. But my thought when I touched it with my foot was, oh no! I stepped on it! I don't want to hurt it! I was always on the edge, with only part of my foot on, and I never got stung. The teacher also quickly pulled his foot away each time, and only got a partial injection of the venom. He said it was, 'no big deal' but by the end of the lesson, his foot was going numb. Surfers get stung by jelly fish a lot too.

Last night we came home from buying shoes for sports, and heard a terrible panicked flapping sound in the house. We looked to the window and somehow a small blackbird had gotten inside. It couldn't find it's way out. My aura 'sensed' it's frustration and panic and fatigue.  I quickly took a sheet and gently threw it on the windowsill, catching the bird inside. I held it very easy and light, and mentally let it know it was going to be outside and okay very soon. It trusted me. The baby bird (I could tell it was inexperienced and young) relaxed completely in the sheet and didn't fight. I set the sheet on the balcony table, opened it, and saw one toenail was caught in the weave, pulling the leg at an odd angle, but I did not sense pain on the part of the bird. Quickly, it oriented itself, felt a quick emotion like, all right! I'm free! Thank God! This is where I understand! and chirping at the top of its lungs, flew off.

It didn't dawdle. It didn't pay any 'respects' to me for saving it. But it was glad and went back to being a bird again as quickly as possible. And I 'knew' in my heart that bird was sure going to have some tales to tell!

In the higher dimensions, our relationships with the animals is more 'peer to peer' than 'owner and pet' or 'rancher and product' or 'camper and terrified wildlife'.

It's going to be an improvement, I think, for all of us. Perhaps we shall all be Doctor Doolittles, and speak directly with the animals ourselves!

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This is one of my favorite songs. It touches deeply in many levels to my heart.

As I was listening--I always screen them--George Harrison 'popped in'. He politely said 'I like that song too.' He said he thought of adding the real bird sound part.

I embraced him in a warm hug of friendship, and he cradled me in his arms. I started to cry. So tired from all of the work I do for Ascension, so sick of the experiences of negativity I have encountered here on Earth. I just wanted to go Home, and never look back.

'It's almost over' he said, referring to my work with the Ascension Process.

'You think I can do it?' I asked

'You want to know what I thought when you first came into my room (at the hospital--I treated him once in the isolation for neutropenics ward)? I thought, 'who is that woman and why is she here!?!' he said, with a touch of irritation and anger.

'She helped me.And then I never forgot her.' he confessed, looking right into my tear-filled eyes. 'There are many more out there who are going to be thinking the same of you. You will help them, and they will ALWAYS remember you for your kindness to them in your heart.' He squeezed tight, and my tears lessened.

Now I go on for another day...

I push a lot of gurneys, and sometimes it's not easy on my body

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc