Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kick It Upstairs

Roseanne Barr just 'favorited' one of my tweets.
The Roseanne Barr. Like in the 'Roseanne' show.

Here's the tweet:

 favorited your Tweet
You, most of all, are never unloved or abandoned, even though you may feel so at times.-- Archangel Michael

You, most of all, are never unloved or abandoned, even though you may geel so at times. -- Archangel Michael.

I think I read somewhere she testified against, well, mind-control in Hollywood, just she favorites my tweet...tonight I looked it up on the internet. 

There is an 'elephant in the room' amongst us right now--for all of the victims of mind control, the handlers, and the horrible system that created it in the first place. I owe a debt of gratitude to David Wilcock, Kaulapele (can you spot the symbols at the olympics?--LOL), and Cobra for bravely opening my eyes to this horrible tragedy. (These individuals have risked their lives for Truth, literally. Some have had death threats and attempts.)

In my bones, I know from my own direct impressions, this is truth. I 'feel' things, that's how I know. I am highly sensitive. So for you who are just 'finding out the truth', I'll share with you mine:
  • My first job was at Disneyland when I was sixteen. I was told there were levels below--so big that train cars worth of burger patties could go in to my facility each day to drop off supplies. Well how do I know there is only one level beneath? I thought, when I was first told. Let me say, it was creepy downstairs on the way to the break room. It was all white, with no signs of human touches. And the energy--it filled me with dread. I was always looking over my shoulder, and I knew anyone could do anything they wanted to me while I was under the restaurant in the tunnels, and no one would ever know...
  • Mom told me all those faces on the milk cartons were dead, offered as human sacrifice in satanic cults. There is lots of it going on, and no one talks about it.
  • An obese, plain, charge nurse with huge owlish glasses who talked bible with me, shared once that she was a multiple personality disorder, in recovery and pretty stable, who is a survivor of satanic abuse. She was 'bred' and told me what they did with the newborn babies. She looked me straight in the eye, and asked me if I believed her or thought less of her. I felt the same creepy feeling as at my first job, in the tunnels underneath Disneyland. I wanted to run. I knew that she was telling me the truth. I sensed that she was 'packaging it' as nicely as she could for me to 'handle it'. She was an excellent nurse. She went to a famous Christian College. She wanted to help others who have been through what happened to her. I prayed to God to show me what to do; I hugger her, said I am terribly sorry, and I thanked her for her trust. I felt guilty because after that, I couldn't feel 'close' to her like before. I treated her with the same respect and courtesy and professional appreciation for her skills as ever. In that small way, I think I helped her a lot. I believed her and I didn't shun her. I encouraged her to fulfill her dream to be a counselor.
  • My residency coordinator (administrative assistant type position) confided to me that she, too, was a multiple, in recovery, and shared how hard the counseling process was. Those two never knew each other in the hospital.
  • My surgeon I really loved to work with came from Detroit. His father was an executive for a motor company. This doctor was my mentor and friend, and we talked, about religion and many things. He was a Lutheran, the only one to get baptized and attend in the family. His family was totally against it, but he went. I always suspected ritual abuse; the patterns of anger I observed directly in the operating room were not like anything I had ever seen. There was a sense of 'the patient is DYING!' and panic with just about every request in the O.R. that was just outside of 'routine' during surgery. He was excellent and to him I would have trusted my own life under his care. But I never confided to him this; I prayed for him a lot, he was my 'project', and I petitioned to Blessed Mother every night and day for him to get in to Heaven, and for him to have a good life. Why I would pray that never seemed odd, it seemed 'right' although I can't put my finger on it.
  • My work in past life recall made me remember  I was a 'kitten' and I died at ten. It's blogged, search for it if you like, I 'own' it. I think the search words are 'a dark past life'.  I like to think that it prepared me for the work I do now, including writing about this sensitive subject.

Roseanne, I felt your appreciation of the quote by Archangel Michael. I know you are the real deal. And I thank you for opening up.

I have to confide to all of you, however, no matter how much I know, and learn about the workings of Mengele and Monarch Mind Control and MK Ultra, I don't like it.

I don't want to know more; I know enough to do what I can to help the cause with my Light. 

It is too dark, and too dense for my natural Vibration. Even YouTube of victims sharing intel gives me that same old creepy feeling. I want to run.

Instead, I will hold the Light for you to move on.

Your Healing will require experts in Spiritual Healing that is way above my level.

I welcome you with open arms as my family, my Ohana in Spirit, and to the Golden Age. My love and support are with ALL survivors of ritual abuse.

Discernment says 'not to trust until all is settled in the final Victory Of The Light'; I watch, and I keep my distance from 'former ankle-biter helpers' too.

That is why the title of this is 'Kick It Upstairs'. I send it UP to the Guides of Compassionate Healing, to St. Germaine and his Violet Flame, to Archangel Michael, and I say a great big OM to cleanse myself back to my natural Vibration.

Some things are too big for us to handle. And some survivors are so delicate, I call in the very best, to handle you with care.

I know you can heal. I know your spark of Light will help all of us to learn and to grow. With deep love and respect, I thank you for paving the way for others with your courage, Love and Grace.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc