Monday, September 2, 2013

Breaking The Habit

I called mom yesterday. She sounds good. She said, 'I am watching Joel Osteen on television for my Sunday Religion. He says we are to love our jobs and do a good day's work. That way we will get PROMOTED!'.

There is something very comforting about Church.

You had donuts and warm cider there as a kid.

It is the same as it always was, the service.

You are there with others of 'like mind' who want to go to Heaven and don't mind doing community service work together.

You enjoy having a 'safe place to go in this crazy world so much' that when they ask for money whether it is to build a new building or fix the roof that leaks, you reach into your wallet and help.

Then you take the charitable deduction off your taxes, and you identify with the church and feel proud you are able to give.

Your loved ones brought you to church.  It is a way of life.

It is also helping to keep you asleep.

Where is your own connection to God?

I went to Campus Life Youth For Christ a lot while growing up. I did the PRESS method of bible study at home for years--pray, read, evaluate, seek the spiritual meaning, and share. That was the very beginning of my working with Spirit.

But at three, I talked to the plants and the faeries in the Garden much of an improvement is that? I don't know.

If you are wanting to 'wake up' read this. Every hyperlink that is buried within, read that too:

This is the one that woke me up all the way. And ever since, by following my intuition and making use of my training (Reiki Master-Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher, Psychic Development--certified as a medium and psychic), I have been able to work with Spirit More and build vortexes and do Lightwork.

Remember, you may be a Lightworker, but until it is your Time, you won't be doing things for the Light. It all steadily 'falls into place' and your Intuition will be the best guide for you once you are 'ready'. It is perfectly fair to ask you deceased loved ones, angels, and guides for assistance on this 'waking up' path.

Furthermore, just like in anesthesia, the best way to 'wake up' or 'emerge' from the anesthetic is for the anesthetist to 'turn the anesthesia agent off'.

When I had the chance to read the Little Red Pill, I took it. I was like, 'how could I live the rest of my life if I didn't know everything there is to know?'. I was nervous, but I read it. And my life changed.

I could not justify my life as I had described it to you earlier in this post. It no longer 'resonates'.

So, follow your heart. And if the time is right for you, jump in, and educate yourself. Time to learn about the Illuminati and what they actually do for their 'faith'.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is another excellent article that resonates with this same message: