Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How To Prepare For The Event, Part 2

Buy bacon.

The guidance was simple, clear and direct. I questioned it. I only buy sausage for my boy, and not for long, for I am weaning him off meat.

A feeling came through, more than words: it will comfort him.

And I understood. Nothing comforts that child like breakfast.  During the times of The Event, and the changes, which although for the better perhaps may be called a little 'sudden'...as a mother I need to make sure that I will do everything possible to alleviate his stress around the time of The Event, even if I have to 'bend the rules' to accommodate his emotional needs at the time.

When is it going to Happen?

I am not sure. It could be any day now. But with headlines like this: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/david-wilcock-update-9-17-13-checkmate/

(Check Mate! On Divine Cosmos.Com, David Wilcock's site....well...anything is possible.)

So there you have it, from me:

  • wildly changing energies, starting today (according to how I perceive it)
  • a full moon
  • David Wilcock saying it's 'Check Mate'
  • cases at work where I 'sense' it is mostly for the patient--to one day say, 'that was my anesthesiologist!'
  • a sense of saying 'good bye'--for example, on my last OB call, I did one of EVERYTHING, even the consults I hardly ever do. It was like Spirit was showing me, 'you did well on this assignment'...I can't put a finger on it, but 'closure' is the closest word.
  • I also got a big encouragement from Spirit--it's not what you write...it's WHO you ARE.
  • My Twin Soul was actively preparing me for what's next, like a trainer with a boxer. He was actually wrapping my hands and arms with some cloth tape, and saying things to cheer me on. (I have no idea what comes next for me, but I am up for it, totally stoked, no matter what. Why be boring when you can be a part of The Event? : )))))   <3   )
  • buy bacon. do not freeze it. keep it in the little compartment at the bottom of the fridge.
No one knows for sure, it could be weeks, months, years from now. All I know is that there are energy 'build ups' that will 'springboard' the circumstances for 'optimal' timing of The Event.

Today has been hard to concentrate on anything, even this. 

So, if you have loved ones who you think might have a 'hard time coping' when the financial re-set hits, you might wish to have some extra comfort food in the fridge, just in case...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc