Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tree Age and You!

How old is a tree? One of the most wonderful thing about trees is they absorb Light energy. Not just the visible spectrum in order to make chlorophyll. They are living, breathing, cathedrals of Light.

These ones here grow at the edge of the pit that was the quarry at the Butchart Gardens. They are to the left by the Ross Fountain now...see the little 'hat' on the lower left hand corner? That is a light fixture in the garden path. Somewhere near there is a little hidden totem of an owl, which for now I just can't see. It might have been in another picture, but it's really great to see that placed right at the forest edge.

In some ways, as Reiki practitioners and Lightworkers, at this time, you are like those trees at the very edge, holding on to Gaia for stability and strength (grounding) and reaching up to the sky absorbing every frequency of Light, both visible and invisible, to store for your own personal and spiritual Growth.

May I ask a personal question?

Seriously, you are going to laugh when I ask it but I am not joking at all:  energy workers, are you able to work with bandaids and minor medical stuff that might come up around you?

Are you going to reach for the crystals if someone has got a broken arm?

Are you able to see the Forest for the Trees?

If you have eyes that see, of perhaps a little medical background, there is a little word that sounds a lot like 'Tree Age' that is pronounced with a very thick French accent and is kind of, well, medical.

The significance of it, I hope, is not lost on you for my telling you this now.

Do I have your attention?

Triage is the rapid evaluation of the wounded into three categories, non-lethal wounds, potentially lethal ones, and 'under these circumstances, are going to be lethal before help can be obtained'.

The goal is to save those who are salvageable.

I want you to know about the middle group--these people need surgery within six hours;

  • broken bone with bone you can see
  • penetrating injury or severe blunt injury to the abdomen.
  • the 'acute abdomen'--appy, hot gallbladder, perforated bowel, ischemic bowel--the belly becomes rock hard and is super painful to touch.
  • sudden massive bleeding needs help sooner, whether the bleeding is internal or external (they use up all the clotting factors, and then become coagulopathic 'DIC'--and ooze from every mucous membrane before they die.
  • a fresh neurological deficit--something 'doesn't work' when asked, even the speech might be garbled.
Many times people with a potentially fatal condition have no idea how very injured or sick they are. It is part of the protection of the mind that is built in. But you know. You'll always know.

Remember that Reiki hand position where the palms touch the tops of the shoulders, fingers pointing down, and the head is between your arms? If you tuck your arms closer to the patient's ears, and stabilize the neck, and have others to help, you can safely move a patient, even one with a neck injury. You roll them like a log, stick a big board or plank under them, and roll them back on it at the count of three. You attach them to the board and take them to the nearest hospital.

Ask for Inner Guidance to be loud and clear when you are in this situation. You can do it. You will know. And you will also be able to comfort those who are going to die. They don't have to know, but you do and all your Reiki skills are going to be most important for the individual at this time.

This is not meant to frighten you, but to know we are up against Lovers-Of-Big-Business who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart and are prepared to Do Just About Anything because they don't want to accept The Jig Is Up.

So, for basic wounds--wash and dress all cuts, and give Reiki! It is okay to super glue a wound shut if it has been copiously irrigated with cool but boiled water (sterile), especially with a little peroxide or betadine thrown into the water. Any wound that 'gapes open' is not going to heal unless stitches, staples, or glue hold it shut.

All bones that are broken need a splint, and can wait unless the bone is exposed. Cardboard, or newspaper that is thick stack supporting the limb and tied on will help keep the bones from moving further apart.

Everyone needs comfort  and a blanket. But only those in no immediate need of surgery can have water or tea.

My concern is that those who 'can put on bandaids' professionally do not read this page, and those energy healers that do might not 'step up to the plate' if the need should arise.

And this isn't even getting to the 'mental breakdown' reactions to stress that also need to be triaged. Just know in any and all situations, keeping your aura 'high and tight' is going to help others way more than band-aid placing skills. It will quell panic, and reassure others that all is well.

It is okay to ask for guidance! Not just from Spirit and Source but also from each other! That is why I am asking you to 'friend' each other on Facebook, to make sure your 'healing groups' are prepared for any contingency, and to stay connected with this page until the time of the Event. 

It draws near.

I have no idea when this is going to happen, The Event. But I do know it will be global, as in world-wide, and happening at the same time. People being what they are, are at risk of being traumatized, and behaving unpredictably. There is going to be help from Above, and many angels and other beings of the Light being sent to assist. But you are their eyes! You are their hands and hearts! You are the closest to the individuals that are in need of help.

For the most part, this Event is anticipated to go smoothly and with no loss of life. The delay is to create the opportunity for this to happen (if it had Triggered 'last week' approximately one hundred thousand lives would have been in grave danger from the 'Ankle Biters' and 'Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart').

Only you know 'your neighborhood'. Only you can provide the medication to the elderly who might need a little help if their provider doesn't come around. Only you can help the woman having a baby when the hospital is possibly closed. Only you can rally those you know who are healers, and direct them through the people that are nearest your home in need of care.

Social services (Fire, Ambulance, Hospital, Police) can get overwhelmed rapidly. You are the back up. Be ready just in case. And if whatever happens is going on 'someplace far from you', be sure to offer your Distance Energy Healing in Love and Support to those who ARE going through 'some difficulties' in the place where they live.

The secondary goal of having connected Healers and Lightworkers, is to develop trust and friendship, so that when it is time to 'take the best and leave the rest' in the 'How We Heal Everybody' department, we are going to have open communication between ALL of the healing arts, and working together, find the very best there is to offer our patients.

Here is an example of a facility where they 'found something right' and did it. It has been closed, but the story is magnificent of what can be achieved through spirit, diet, exercise, and loving hearts: 
Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc