Saturday, September 21, 2013

Preparing For Ascension: Part 3

Good morning! The theme for today is a combination of 'Let's Roll!' and 'Let's Just Roll With It!'...some of us are actively in the midst of the Ascension Process, and I expect more of you to 'get started' any day now...

What is happening is as your Vibration increases, it is much like the blades of a propeller or a fan that start spinning. At first, it is slow enough that you can see the actual blades. As the rate increases, instead of seeing them, it is like they are not there. You also hear a hum. That is why there are safety cages all over fans because children would stick their fingers in them and get hurt. You just can't see.

There are many benefits of having this high a Vibration--the most significant is that we are now 'within reach' of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to 'contact us' back. 

We are a very dense energy in the spectrum of Light. To the Galactic, our presence feels 'heavy' and 'slow' and 'uncomfortable'. Many cannot adjust their frequency rate to 'match' ours enough for communication, and those that do often find it 'energy draining' and 'a challenge' to stay in our Vibration for much length of time.

However, we are Ascending! Gaia is an elevator 'ride' all the way up to 'them'. And furthermore, the quarantine of 'The Veil' that separates the two worlds, is dissolving.

The destination, metaphysically, with the Ascension Process is to be fully functional in the Higher Dimensions. This includes telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance (you just 'know'), and connection with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide, and with Source directly.

Here are three types of 'Aha!' moments you are possibly going to experience:

  • Making 'Connections' as in 'Connecting The Dots':  In anesthesia there is a drape of fabric that separates us from the surgical field. It is protective to both the patient (less risk of infection) and the anesthetist (less blood splatter on their workstation and them). We even joke about it and call it 'The Blood Brain Barrier', and say 'we are on the Brain side'--insinuating we are more intelligent than the surgeons! LOL. Anyhow, I am in my own world when the drapes go up. Until yesterday. I was in a neurosurgery case, and there is a special drape that was just a little crooked. It wouldn't reach my pole so I had to unfold part of it, and tape it to my anesthesia machine screen to hold it up. That corner that I taped, was clear plastic. For the first time, I could see the neurosurgeon operate, from the foot pedal for the electrocautery to the microscope and field. I felt 'connected' and was able to feel the energy of the surgical process. I felt like a part of the team, even through I always knew it, it just seemed 'better' to be able to see each other.  Then it hit me: this is what it is going to be like when The Veil is lifted! Both of us, the Galactics and the Terrestrial, are going to be able to interact with each other in ways as never before...and it's really nice!
  • Totally Random Cravings for Foods:  I came home from OB call exhausted. It had been one of the worst nights where I got practically no sleep. I was hungry. I came home, looked in the kitchen. A smoothie. I wanted my Vitamix smoothie. I began to make it, and then the craving hit: kale! I put in a few leaves. It wasn't enough! Something in my body was directing what it needed, and that was a whole bunch of the kale--the entire thing I bought from the store. Kale, and coconut.  I drank two quarts of smoothie--four huge glasses--and the craving stopped. I didn't get sick. So ladies, if you've ever been with child and wanted 'pickles and ice cream' you understand what I am talking about. Men, welcome to your feminine side! You get to experience it too!
  • Increased Clairvoyance:  My Reiki student texted me this message--'I am seeing an iridescent silhouette of Mother Mary in my house right now. She is cuddling a baby...I know this is a big first encounter. Don't know what to do...I definitely don't want to ignore...'  My reply? 'Don't worry, if it makes you feel loved it is from the Light. Just in your heart say thank you. When she is ready she will talk.' (my student said it couldn't have come at a more better time because she had just called out for love and guidance).
  • Bizarre Unexpected Changes in Your Work Day:  At our hospital, case cancellations are a rare event, possibly once a month. Yesterday was different!  There were about six. All were legitimate--elevated potassium, patient ate lunch instead of being NPO for surgery, surgeon cancellation due to scheduling conflict. People were kind of weirded out by it. I wasn't! Right now, Lower Vibration (that is not to say 'worse'--only have not 'done their homework' in their life choices as much as Higher Vibration 'students'--they WILL 'get to this level' one day!) people are  making choices on a soul level to avoid the discomfort of being near High Vibration people. And places. My OR is a very High Vibration place. I know. I have put significant energy work into it for four years.

May I share a personal experience here? This is one I just can't figure out. As you know, I have been interacting with Galactics on a Spiritual Level--in my mind's eye--for decades. I go on the bridge, I see the rooms. Usually I am on 'tour' of some sort, and I feel a 'watching presence' over me.

Three days ago I found myself in a Galactic Breakroom. People there were clearly relaxing--doing sudoku, walking on a treadmill, and not in their usual clothes and alert and engaging energy. They were  enjoying their time for themselves, and I was one of them. Except I didn't know what to do with myself or see myself! LOL. The energy was peaceful; I could tell these were high-powered people who were enjoying a little time for themselves. It was a small room, about the size of the average gym in a hotel, but not as much exercise equipment. Only about half. And no one acknowledged me with a look or a hello, and yet I knew everyone loved and accepted me for who I am, and I was welcome to join them.

Was this Spirit telling me 'I need a break?'. Was it the Veil Lifting and I was being 'who I really am?'--some part of my soul that lives on board a ship I didn't know I had?

I'll figure it out eventually.

The only other thing is that this song had been stuck in my head for the same length of time--it connects deep within, and after watching this YouTube video with all of the Egyptian ancient mystery school images--my gosh there is even a symbol of Isis and her Goddess Energy!--I think perhaps there is more to Earth Wind and Fire than we think. (In my training, we make a circle--Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Ether--when we begin our Spiritual work, our 'white magic'.)

Think about it!

And enjoy the music on me <3

Victory To The Light is Near!

Love, Aloha and Mahalo, Namaste,

Reiki Doc