Thursday, September 12, 2013

Son Of A Gun

I have a grudge.

I have a grudge against a coworker.

This coworker likes to get what they want. And they push for it. A lot. It makes me uncomfortable to say 'no' and have someone keep trying to get you to do what they want. I have scrapped many plans, and worked extra shifts because of this person, who still manages to make more compensation than me.

There was a text.

Can you switch?

I was like, 'Not again!'

I was automatic 'No!' because I had plans (I always have plans! There's not much time when you work full time and are a mom!). Please, would you mind asking someone else?

No one else was available, he texted back hours later.

The request was 'to go to a doctor appointment with my parent'.

I have heard that one before. Often.

You know what? I had a resident tell me that he had to leave early to take his boy to the doctor because he had an ear infection.

I saw the look on his face and the circulating nurse's face when her shift was up and they both left the OR.

I could sense the electricity and the attraction between the two. He was LYING!

I finished a heart, which is a big case, alone instead of him finishing HIS index case he needed for graduation because he wanted to go 'knock boots' with the circulating nurse!!!

He ended up dumping her and breaking her heart. He was doing the 'nasty' with more than one nurse in the O.R. at the same time. He got a nasty divorce because he was married as well as a father. Later, when he graduated, his group he started fired him. That's right--they kicked him out. Why? He might have failed his boards? Or perhaps he just didn't turn out to be a 'Team Player'....just got stuck on the 'Player' part? LOL

Anyhow, I saw on the schedule tonight I worked tomorrow and  the 'favor insister' didn't. I was livid. I called the boss to find out why I was working when I didn't agree to trade and he is off?!

It turns out I had the wrong day. As a matter of fact if I had wanted the day off, I could have asked a 'trade' favor with the 'favor insister' (He hasn't taken weekend call in over nine years!) The boss said he could work for me. I wanted to do something with mom, and had been looking forward to it. I miss her. And it would help her condition/medical care very much. But the work is not all day. I might still make it...

Earlier today I had read this:

Here is the important part: No matter how a being behaves towards you, always answer with love, my child. The being that hurts you, often acts out of an inner pain, a lack of and a cry for love. You will not improve the situation, if you also inflict pain or harm on this being. Only through your unconditional love you can really heal this being and the situation. Unconditional love is the best and safest medicine and as we must respect your free will, call us for help if you think you can not make it alone. We help you so gladly with this, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother
Hmmmm...I think I owe someone an apology. It's not going to be easy. And I might have to take an extra shift when I am exhausted.
You know I was too embarrassed at saying 'no' so vehemently to ask for him to help me out in return. And here I am, a blogger and healer, with this kind of relationship with a coworker--as professionals!
Where is the Love in my interpersonal relationships? Where is the Love?
I think I am going to be asking myself that a lot in the next few weeks.
I know the answer. It isn't easy. But it's going to have to be 'me'. Because if it isn't, it just might not be there, and what a waste of healing opportunity if I hold my grudge on someone else. I don't have to be a doormat, no way! But I do have to 'walk the walk' and 'talk the talk'. Namaste...
Aloha and Mahalo,
Reiki Doc.

P.S. There is POWERFUL synchronicity with this blog post from Andy Bojarski. Please read this on vibration, the electromagnetics of interpersonal relationship and how to heal them all.

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