Friday, September 6, 2013

Your Beauty Is Heaven Sent

You are beautiful. Even if you are most handsome, inside, deep inside you have inner beauty as well.

Beauty has nothing to do with modeling and fashion.

It doesn't matter what you wear, or even your appearance.

Your Light is what makes you beautiful. How you choose to let it shine both in yourself and to others is a powerful message to the Universe that 'All Is Well'.

Even when it isn't.

When people stop and catch your attention, with something that causes pain to others. Or to you.

I have felt that pain. And intentional or not there are times in my life where I have also caused it to others who are around me. Sometimes the Truth hurts. Sometimes other's perception of you hurts.

Let it go.

Let all of it go.

Let go of the need to be right, to 'explain' and to 'understand'.

Open up to The Universe, accept any and all Healing that is sent. When you can, when there is need, stop and take the time to help out others in your own way. With 'what feels right'.

You have a choice, every second of every day. Life is what you make it.

Always choose what is in your Heart Center whenever you can.

If choices do not work out the way you expect, take the knowledge of the lessons, and make another choice to always move forward, taking the best of what you have learned and who you are.

Your Light is precious.

Shine it bright today.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc