Sunday, September 1, 2013

Messages from Leah, Ryan and Two Galactics

Last week, while I was washing dishes I had a visit from Leah Morrison Rogers, the widow of Charles 'Candy' Rogers, of the chocolate store on Government Street in Victoria, BC.

Come to the store next week and buy something special, just for yourself. I have a gift for you waiting.  she said. I saw her clearly, she was same as before, very peaceful, very kind.

Is it one of your favorites? I asked. I remember buying the 125th anniversary box the last visit.

It is important for you to take good care of yourself, as a person. she confided. And I saw her years of overwork had taken a toll on her. I made the promise. I hope to go to the store later today, since our plans to return to Victoria for our third year in a row have brought us here once again yesterday afternoon.

This morning I looked up her name, for I had forgotten it. I found her story, and it matches what I already 'know'. Here is the link:

Yesterday around this time, our plane was approaching Sea-Tac Airport for larding. My friend's boy, who died about four years ago at age twenty, Ryan, 'popped in'.  He said hello, and asked me to give his parents a call. It would be much better than sending flowers, for them to hear your voice, just to say you are near and want to say 'hello'. Please promise?

I did. He also wanted us to make a vortex together at Sea-Tac. He was there, and some others from the other side for the Light. I checked with my guides, and they said, 'okay'.

I directed the Light from my heart center. I brought down the golden light liquid from the sky, and felt the Light connect deep to Gaia. Then Gaia's light blue energy came up. What happened next I have never seen happen. The light turned to apple-gold green, with a large golden Goddess Spiral spinning around the outside of the column. The column of light, itself, goes up and then splits like the ribs of an umbrella, although there is a center column that still goes up to the sky. It is making a 'bubble of Light' over the entire region, to protect it.

I was caught off guard. I asked, Is this from the Light and is this OKAY? Please send me a sign, from my seat on the plane as we taxied toward the gate.

All of a sudden, a control board of galactics showed up before my eyes, with about six people giving smiles and a thumbs up. I knew they were from the Light.  It 'resonated' with my heart center. The one in the center, exceptionally handsome, spoke with me, face to face. The others watched intently.

He reassured me. I knew the face, but I forgot his name. He had light golden brown hair to his shoulders, that was straight, and was tall, medium build, and had a peaceful face and warm voice with lots of love in it. You're him, the Big Guy aren't you? The one that's in charge? I asked, as I kept trying and trying to remember his name. I feel bad that I can't call you by your proper name while we talk...

He brushed it off. I still kept trying to think of his name, he said it didn't matter. I was given instructions of some kind right now but I forget, or a personal nature. But he also wanted me to share this with you.

  • He and the 'sky crew' are delighted that we made the 144,000
  • Everything is going 'better' than plan. They are 'ahead of schedule' so to speak
  • The Resistance forces are ready, prepared for the 'next steps'
  • The request is for 'Ground Crew' like myself to keep doing what our 'inner guidance' says, for example, for me, it is to write, to stay calm, and to be emotionally present for others as an example of 'working for the Light'.
  • They are not fatigued or tired in any way, rather, very refreshed and excited about everything 'on the road ahead'.
He went away. I had tears rolling down my face as we taxied into the gate. The lady to my right on the aisle must have thought I had dead loved ones or something in Seattle. Instead I was happy to 'connect' with the Light in that way. They were tears of joy.

Right after the seat belt sign went off, the name popped into my head: Ashtar.

I thanked them for telling me so I wouldn't keep thinking of it all day...

abundance is more than a cheese

I 'met' an Agarthan yesterday while I was getting a massage by gate 2CG at SeaTac. 

He 'came through' during the thirty minutes of deep Shiatsu-type back massage while I was on the kneely-chair. 

He asked me what I wanted to know about Agartha. He wore an off white body suit, had long curly blond-brown hair, and very expressive eyes. His face was a little like KP's in size and balance and shape. I was 'there' in Agartha with him, with beautiful scenery of the ocean before my eyes.

I asked about the sun, and the sky, and the stars, and how it all worked being on the Inside of Gaia?(she is a hollow planet. We are about to discover that the world never was flat, or round, but in fact, hollow like many of the planets who have life on the inside. The Lemurian 5D people who escaped catastrophe fled to inner Gaia many years ago.) He said it is much the same, because it is so big, it doesn't seem curved just like on the surface it doesn't seem round.

He pressed me, what is the ONE thing you really would like to know, and I will tell you.

I thought about that one long and hard. Then my heart spoke, Do you die? I wanted to know if Agarthans were like us. He paused. He said I would be told in little bits, over time. But my heart of hearts 'knows' they don't die like we do, but when their choice is to 'move on' they 'transition', and it is not a sad thing. And their lifetimes are very much longer than ours, like in the early times in the Bible with people like Methuselah. 

It came time for me to go. And I impressed upon him to please let all of our brother and sister Agarthans now how much I love them and how all of us on Surface Gaia, whether we know they exist or not, are filled with love and gratitude to them for their work on saving us from the Cabal and the Ankle-biters. How much we are looking forward to meeting with them, and can't wait to embrace them as our own in the Light. Would he mind sharing this message? I made him promise. He blushed, and was glad, and looked down at his feet, and promised. He was visibly pleased at the 'contact' that 'we' had for 'them' and for the open acceptance of them as 'our hue-man race'.

I see our Galactic Family helping us in the way this father is gently providing the safety and opportunity for his little One to climb up the many steps. There were forty-two steps to go up to the town at the side of the Loire River when I took this photo when I was in Amboise. Always encouraging, always calm, and helping with patience and with Grace, showing us the way.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc