Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Other Guys

See the little red crab in the middle of the photo? This is taken from the surface of the water, looking in. The crabs in Victoria are very bright red, almost as if they were cooked, but they are alive and well.

Today we are going to get an idea of those who are 'not answering' to questions about 'how awake' they are.

As you recall, out of 743 views of the question in http://reikidoc.blogspot.ca/2013/08/extraterrestrial-roll-call-results.html, only 17.6% 'liked' it. Even fewer responded, but of those who did, they were well aware of their 'origins'.
 (original question: August 28, 2013
Roll call for Souls!--only if you are ready to post here, otherwise 'message' me in private--Andromedans? Arcturians? Pleiadians? Sirians? From Vega? From anywhere else??? I want to know. (I am officially soul origin, very old soul, with a sirius-pleiades mix. Spirit says. And guess what? My 'overwhelming desire to Go Home'?, the most strong sign I am 'not from here as a soul?'...it went away last week. The vibrations here now are so much higher and more pleasant for my soul!)

I asked the question again, on August 30, 2013 for 'those that didn't reply':

Roll Call: Out of those of you who saw the question, 'where are YOU from' and didn't reply, how did it make you feel to see the twenty percent that did? Do other 'soul origins' people make you feel anything? I want to know about YOU and what your heart says on this.

Here are the results:

  • 21 comments out of 732 total page views-- 2.9% response rate
  • 12 'likes' --1.6% response rate
  • Of the 21 comments, 10 'didn't see the first post'--48%
  • Of the 21 comments, 11 gave a 'concrete' answer--literally, where geographically they are from--52%
  • 4 of the 21 gave a Galactic 'origin'--19% ( 0.5% of overall page views)
  • 4 of the 21 also were 'curious, didn't know, or celestial', therefore, not 'here'--19%
  • 2 of the 21 cited 'privacy concern'
  • 1 was an 'everything bagel'
  • 1 had concern of prior accusation of being a 'witch' by a friend
  • 3 did not comment, but contacted me privately--one angelic, two more 'curious'
Of those who 'knew' where they were 'from', the roll call was:
  • one hybrid (Andromeda/Sirius/Orion)
  • one Orion
  • one Vega
  • one Lyra

On September 1, 2103, Tsehootsui Healing Circle asked a similar question, which I reposted:

How many of you are awake? Do you feel the energy? Who is with us to raise the vibrations? How many of you know what we are talking about? -- Tsehootsooi Healing Circle

The results were 100 views, 11 'likes' and 2 comments, roughly a ten percent response rate, and a two percent comment rate, as 'yes, I am awake'. I was surprised because on the original page, there were over thirty comments and hundreds of 'likes'.

Here is my interpretation:

A segment of the population is 'spiritual' and 'feeling the energy' of the changes that are going on with the Ascension Process.

Even less of this population is actual 'awake and aware Ground Crew'.

Ground crew is doing a pretty incredible job holding the Vibration for Gaia.

A certain percentage of 'spiritually open and curious' people are still pretty much thinking in 3D--the question went right over their heads, and a geographical response, or 'more socially acceptable one' was given in the comments section.

The next steps are to see what happens when the next changes take place that are more obvious.
Ground Crew is going to be the 'point people' for the 3D 'thinkers' to get 'validation' and 'trustworthy intel' first. Although there will be new media coverage from 'the Light' (not the current 'regime')--this next wave is going to 'want to know from us'.

Are you up for the task, Ground Crew? Does this resonate with your Heart Center?

Aloha and Mahalo,


Reiki Doc