Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Peace--It Is Your Divine Right

You are an energy body that is dense, highly concentrated Light.

If this was not the case, then the Einstein Equation

  •  E = MC(squared) or E = M*C*C
  • (where C = the speed of Light)
would not be true.

In Physics, both in electro-physics and classical physics, everyone learns that Energy flows from High to Low Energy. This is what makes an electric motor spin. This is what makes a steam or gasoline engine 'go'--High Pressure does 'work' and becomes Low Pressure. This Law runs an electro-chemical battery--the reactants react to form a lower energy, and electricity is generated as a result. Even the Law of Entropy states that Entropy (or disorganization) is always increasing in a closed system such as the Universe.

So what is Peace?

It is not 'the absence of war' and 'everybody smiling'.

Peace is the Highest Vibration of Energy There Is, Next to the Vibration of Love Energy.

Out of the electromagnetic spectrum, our 'visible Light', our Rainbow (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Indigo-Blue-Violet), ranges from the lowest frequency (Red) to the highest frequency (Violet). White light 'bends' through a prism and creates a small rainbow because of the differences in these frequencies. 

But monitors have shown us there are many more waves of Light that exist but cannot be seen with the eye.  Infrared heat (the 'french fry lights'). Ultraviolet light--you might get a bad sunburn from it! Microwave energy. The possibility of Light beyond what we can measure has no limit!

'Source' or 'God' or 'The Divine' is a very High Vibration energy. It is a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion. If you ask me, this is the Vibration of Heaven, and anywhere this energy exists, Heaven is already Present, even in just a small 'part'.

In the love between a Man and Woman, the anomaly of 3D where the masculine and the feminine are separate, and unbalanced, is made 'right'. Heaven is 'there'. I would go so far as to say with ALL true love, regardless of orientation, the individual 'balances' of masculine and feminine within 'combine' to form the same 'energy pattern' within the loving energy of the couple. (I just wasn't taught this in any of my advanced spiritual lessons--at least yet. : ) To all my gay brothers and sisters I love you all so very much that I change what I was taught to include your hearts which are most Light and Shining.)

How do we take it 'to the next level' in Healing?

In what I have been taught, as a Divine Peace Healer, the 'next level' is Peace.

It is the highest vibrational frequency there is, as far as I understand it. There might be Higher vibrations, and I just haven't been able to 'connect' with them yet.

Please know that, if you accept it, after reading this essay just one time, you will be given free of charge a Divine Peace Healing by distance every DAY.

It is your birthright as a Sentient Being to have access to this Divine Peace. How else can you make your Life Journey without it? (And if your Free Will does NOT accept Divine Peace, it will roll off your back like water on a duck, no worries.)

If you follow the Facebook page, Twitter, or this blog you will share the gift of Divine Peace Healing, too, even if you never read it on this post. It is my gift as a healer to you.

Aloha and Mahlos,

Reiki Doc