Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Love Is Beautiful

This rose is in front of a church, which is near my favorite castle in all of France, Azay Le Rideau.

Right next to the stone wall, the effect is striking--living beauty against cold, man-made, ancient wall. It is an antique rose, you can tell by the petals. It has a good bloodline. It isn't something that could be sold by a is not 'that kind' of rose, and yet it is undeniably beautiful, is it not?

Let me tell you something about this rose, and why it is so fascinating. Here is the church:

It has an altar in traditional gothic style

There is a crucifix

Candles are lit... petition to Our Lady

there is a baptism font

And little inverted, 'horns up' stars at the door

there are two doors on this church

the door on the left, facing the church, doesn't have stars

here it is, closed and locked

here is the stained glass window above it

Here is the stained glass window over the open door

and from the inside, looking out, there are the stars 'right side up'

this rose does a wonderful job for the Light

Be that rose
no matter what may be around you
and it might seem like you are surrounded
by everything that was built 
for some purpose
that might not be Light,
Your Light Matters...
it matters to me
and to everyone else in your midst.

Be that Light
Embrace goodness, health and prosperity.
In time, stones can crumble,
but only roses LIVE!
You have good bloodlines,
you have no idea how good they are.
This is soon be be discovered,
You are like Heaven On Earth...
It is that wonderful!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc