Friday, September 13, 2013

Simplicity and Strength

'Simplicity is the strongest tool you have in healing others.' Chujiro Hayashi

Imagine you come across the scene of an accident at your home. A loved one is in trouble. You have to think fast!

You panic.

Your mind is caught between wanting to run away from the scene of the accident because you can't believe it and you are stressed and you need to deal with it in private...and wanting to use the incredible surge of love and protective instincts to assist your loved one in their need with the emergency.

You wish that you were trained in the healing arts, medicine perhaps, but you were not.

Your entire being shouts to the Heavens--Oh Dear God! I wish I knew what next to do!!

There is a pause.

Then all of a sudden, the fog clears, and you know EXACTLY what to do!

You waste no time, and start doing it.

What is that, in that pause?

Many of you have been in the exact situation. All of a sudden, you just KNOW.

That is simplicity.

That is the willingness and desire to work with Spirit to help someone in distress. It is knowing you are in 'a real big hurry' and 'the answers need to come quick' and you open up your entire being to Guidance from God...from the Light...from the Higher Vibrations....from the Angelic Realm...from where you are from...your Home.

Everyone Loves you There. 

Everyone knows you and accepts you for who you are, and knows that you are Perfect just the way you are, right this minute.

You are family to all of them.

And they are family to you.

That is Simplicity.

That is your Strength.

Use it today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc