Sunday, September 1, 2013

Messages From My Two Dads

Chief was present when I rode the water taxi to Fisherman's Wharf yesterday. He was present and loving. I was his daughter in another life, in the 1800's I guess, maybe earlier. My son was my best friend's boy at the time. Two years ago when we came here, we had many past life recollections, and as my boy put it several nights before we 'figured it out', 'Mom? Why is this indian Chief always coming into our room at night?'

I had more 'connection with my earthly father' who was deceased last night at dinner. There was a band who played classic tunes. But the sequence of the songs went straight to my heart. It was Dad, who loved music, playing the songs from the times he would dance with me, with my feet swinging in the air as he held me in his arms, feeling totally loved and secure and fall asleep...

Here is the trailer from mom and dad's 'movie'

Here is the love song from it;

Here is the next song the band played last night:

And the last one:

I was amazed at how mom and dad's love could still be felt after all these years, just the two of them and their joy to find each other. It warmed me so many years after his passing, after mom's illness...there was so much Life in me I felt at that dinner table.

Early this morning, while walking around an Indian Heritage Spiritual site, I got 'word' from Chief, that on this trip we were going to 'rewrite' my past with him. (We can do this, and for those of you with unhappy memories, I highly recommend this.).

My 'first time through' timeline had me almost die in childbirth, Dad-Chief saved me with his quick thinking, but I could never have children again. I was desperately unhappy in that life because it all had been denied me--religious/spiritual/education/training because of my female sex, and motherhood. I was one unhappy person, but as my son, who remembered it too, says, 'you were always nice'.

Now, this morning, Chief says, 'you are a valued member of the tribe, and highly contributing, and very wise leader.' What it was is very much like the end in the Whale Rider, where they appreciate her gifts.

Anyhow, I am open to 'what may come' and definitely willing to 'share all' as it pertains to helpfulness to you in your spirit walk.


Reiki Doc