Monday, September 23, 2013

Emoticons, Ascension, and You

You are now on your way, well into the Ascension Process. Your energy fields are absorbing and assimilating the new, Higher Energies on Gaia. You may find buzzing and tingling in your body from time to time, especially when you rest or are doing something you enjoy. Ways to limit your discomfort include, spending time in Nature, getting full-spectrum sunshine for about ten to fifteen minutes a day, drinking plenty of cool, clean water, meditation, and maybe, just possibly, reading this blog. : D

Ahhhhh...the emoticon!

Here's the deal:

  • whenever I do mediumship, as an empath I 'feel' the emotions which accompany the message.
  • whenever Spirit gives me a message, it is often in 'thought pictures' as well as words. The 'thought pictures' carry 'sentiments' or 'feelings'.
  • animals communicate with very simple phrases and thought/picture/emotions, too.
  • when it comes right down to it, I suspect that when auras 'interact' there is some exchange of energy, of emotion, and this is passed across time and space.  (for example, I just sent Reiki to a Facebook page reader who had a nasty wasp sting. Once I got into the aura, through distance, my hands burned with the heat of the pain.)
  • Spirit has been preparing you through texting and emoticons to 'pick up' and 'communicate' without the spoken word; it is almost like telepathy! You are in the early stages of becoming a fully-functioning galactic citizen! (who is completely open for all forms of psychic communication)

I hope this makes your day! : ))) <3 <3 <3 

Aloha and Mahalos,
Namaste, _/|\_

Reiki Doc