Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Request From Master Koothoomi September 18, 2013

I was starting to dream when a bearded man came up to me in my half-awake 'third eye'.

Master Koot Hoomi? I asked, Is that you?

How do you know it is I?  the bearded man smiled and answered back.

Because you are the one with the beard! I replied without skipping a beat.

He started to crack up. I mean, hold your sides and bend over because it's so funny and delightful kind of laughing. Out of all of these people, why am I the 'one with the beard'?

Then he showed me Jesus and El Morya and St. Germain and others with beards, and I got the point. Trying to explain, I said, You are the one with the LONG beard. He smiled.

Master Koot Hoomi has the green ray of healing. That is his work. Just like St. Germain is with finance, Master Koot Hoomi is the one where healing is involved.  He has a special project.

Will you recall all who have been raped, all who have been forced into prostitution, all who have had incest, all who have ever been harmed or lost their lives to molest and sexual assault? he asked, and the list went on further, suffering by different kind of suffering...

Of course! Anything you ask!. I said.

Then he showed me this flower, the tiny blue Forget-Me-Not. It hovered in my mind's eye, and I got a good look at it. When I went online to select the image for you, this is the one he chose, the one at the top of this post.

Master Koot Hoomi asks for a movement to acknowledge those who have suffered, and  to post, and share, and perhaps wear a decoration, for those who must heal from trauma of a sexual nature.

He wants those who are going through the various forms of healing to know they have our undeniable support, so that everywhere they look, they will know they are Ohana to us, that we have them on our minds and in our hearts, for all time. It is also invited for those who are healing, to incorporate this image into someplace they can see every day, or wear, or carry with them, to remind them of our never-ending love and support for them. Forget-me-not will be the sign for us of unconditional love, of hope, and Light. This will give courage and strength to carry forth through the healing process.

I really want to sleep now, but He asked me to share this with you at once, so I am.

In deep Love and Gratitude to Master Koot Hoomi for this important message for the healing of so many worldwide on such a painful experience.


Reiki Doc

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