Monday, September 9, 2013

So Great To Be Alive Today!

Now is an excellent time to be alive! So much is happening! It cannot be 'seen' unless it is first 'felt'. And THEN, if you know what to look for, so very much is happening that you can see!

Look for other people's behavior--how they treat each other, and how they treat you.

That's a hint!

Are they trying to take advantage of you? Are they grumpy? Are they motivated by 'a sense of lack' and 'fear'?'

Isn't that totally obvious to you when they are? LOL.

Are they kind, happy to see you, and smiling from their heart? Even strangers?

Isn't that wonderful how so many more are being that way? ; )

The vibrations are going UP!

For the past few nights I have been sleeping outside. It has been over ninety degrees, and inside the house is too warm for sleeping. I place cushions on the balcony, and I fall asleep listening to the water fountain and looking at the stars.

Then I get cold. I go to my bed well after two in the morning.

Guess what? I got woke up by ants yesterday. This is a normal thing in California in late summer--all throughout the state, ants get hungry and thirsty and overheat.  I felt something on my skin and was like, what is this?

I just brushed them off.

Ants have a message in Native American Medicine Cards.

They are strong and planners and team players and giving of self like many other animals--but what gets them the 'notice' is their Patience.

Just 'wait'.

That was the message from the Ants.

I followed my intuition the night before when I saw Cobra post:  m=0
The comments made me think, 'Cool! We're almost here! (for the Event)'
But I held back.
I didn't post it.

Good thing I listened to my higher self. And to the ants. Cobra posted this yesterday afternoon:

This makes complete and total sense--we are in this for the long haul. For those of you who 'got irritated' because December 21, 2012 came and 'nothing happened', you are probably going to be upset about the delay now. That's what your eyes and logic are saying.

But if you look with your heart at everything that is not on the news, but in fact, face to face with you, and reflect on it, things are changing rapidly everywhere you 'see'.

One of the biggest 'delays' for anything Divine is 'for the highest good'. This means 'to help the most people'. And if in the Big Plan, there is a delay for 'behind the scenes' or 'people would freak out' or 'there was some card up the sleeve of the Cabal and they are going to hurt a lot more people that are innocent' so it is.

Here is what you can expect for the month of December and early October, if you ask me:

  • News media will be very 'emotional' and 'fear driven'. For example, yesterday I saw an article about 'danger of an earthquake in the delta that would affect water supply to L.A.' This is how the Illuminati 'hijack' your powers of co-creation--you worry and then your energy actually 'makes' it happen. Think of the 'Law of Attraction' next time you read or watch the news.
  • The pressure on the people is going to be worse--people who are struggling to pay the bills can't mount much of a fight against anything. Sick people, hot people, depressed people, aren't going to 'step up to the plate' or even 'smell a rat'.
  • To the 'Friends Upstairs' or 'The Galactics', time does not exist like it does down here. Think of the character Griffin in Men In Black 3--just to 'see' something 'outside of normal experience' in the Time department. It's kind of like that. Especially when it comes to 'predictions'.
  • Look for the desperation! Look for the struggle behind the scenes to 'make everything seem normal'.
  • Play the game, 'I Spy Illuminati!' to pass the time. Yesterday on the Secret Service show my son was watching, I learned that the name for the special car that is armored and protects the President is  'The Beast'. Oh, really? Hmmmmmm.  Other things I have seen recently are an all-seeing eye right in the middle of Sea-Tac (will add picture later), funny places the color dark green shows up--even on a Princess--that's the COLOR of the official 'The Beast'...look for words like 'shocking' and 'a monster' on TV. The music at the grocery store yesterday had a Monarch Mind-controlled slave singing (seriously, even though the links are long and a slow read, the list of celebrities who are 'working for The Beast' is definitely worth every minute spent reading Cobra's Little Red Pill! Here is the link:

That is enough for today. Keep your Vibration UP and your shoulders back and your heart Light shining for all the world to see...

Love and Light,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This symbol is Pleiadian. How does it make you feel to look at it? It is also almost like an ancient symbol of Atlantis, too.