Monday, September 2, 2013

My Yesterday In Victoria

Victoria has an incredible connection to the land for us. We lived here in another life. But also, because of last year, we now have a connection to the town's  'ghosts'.

On the water taxi to Fisherman's wharf, I heard 'Lizzie' the devaout catholic maid who had said a rosary on the same balcony every break, and fell to her death when the builders for the new addition removed the 'fire excape' balcony she used but didn't nail shut the door.

Hello and welcome back! We are so glad you are here to visit! she said with a big smile and a wave.

We know humans, too, who are glad to see us. One sells food and the other lives on a houseboat. We said our 'hellos' and also made reservations for whale watching. This time we were even invited upon a houseboat for a tour.

Mrs. Leah Rogers had told me to 'buy a treat something special for myself.' It was mysterious, was it not?

Well, yesterday on the way out of the hotel, I found this yellow post it note on the ground. I was concerned it was for something important, so I bent down and picked it up:

It said:
Victoria Cream Raspberry Vanilla Swirl. Only sold in the Main Rogers, the one that says just Raspberry Cream it is not the same. Fussy. Fussy!

It turns out that the three original flavors were chocolate, vanilla and raspberry. The one like this wasn't available at the main strore. But the caramel cream has a vanilla with a swirl of caramel in it. The worker has only seen things 'move around' in the store, but no other 'ghostly manifestations' since she started working there in May. I told her I think it is wonderful the owners loved the store so much that they still tend to it.

I didn't share that Leah had been in the front window like always. She told me to buy 'just what we need for one day' and 'to come back'. She also made me stop my boy before he walked in to say, 'she is very proud of him' and 'that he has grown so much taller since last time he came.'

I saw Candy Rogers at the 'till' or cash register on the left. He was shy but proud, and was asking, 'So you like it?'. I said 'yes, it is wonderful here. I really enjoy it, having it the same after all these years.' Then he pointed with his thumb to the back, and I knew Fred was there. Fred is their son who died before his sixteenth birthday. He came out too, was very shy, and barely made eye contact, but he was no longer tortured like he was by his mind in Life. I 'pick up' in his own way Fred helps, and this 'undoes' some of the Karma he got from his untimely death. They are all in this together.

When I walked by the trees from Fisherman's Wharf to town, I had visions of dead First Nations people hanging in the trees. That is how some tribes buried them--in a soft bag suspended from a tree. According to my Houseboat friend, who is Minik or something like that, some tribes buried. And I know another put them on a rock not far from shore.

As we walked by the Gatsby, I saw the head in the window that floats, just in the second floor in the little tower room. My son kept saying that was not the hotel from the ghost tours. And I kept seeing the head, and said, 'I think this is the one'. (If you are a ghost seeker, then that room at the Gatsby is the one for you. People check out at three a.m. if they can't get another room. The staff 'asks no questions', this is so common.)

The last ghostly mention are the spirits who 'live' at the Empress Hotel. The writer with the statue on the corner always welcomes us. She wanted us to come into the garden and take a stroll. She recognized us and was happy to see us a second time.  Lizzie also came down and greeted 'us' (me, telepathically as  medium) warmly. My son could 'feel' her too. The manager who committed suicide in the rafters put his arm in mine, and was in good spirits. Look at this! It is shining, The Empress, again after all these years! 

Lizzie 'helps' those who are sad that are staying at the hotel. She comes to them and says, 'Look where you are! This is a beautiful place. Isn't it lovely? How can you be sad when you are staying here?' in their ear. And most of the time, it works. She also helps the lonely ones and the ones who have had a tiff or a spat with their partner and their family.

The manager has a message for you: we are here by choice and because we love the Empress Hotel this much to spend all of our time here. (His suicide was because the hotel faced financial ruin, the books had not been kept straight, it was discovered, and he decided to 'go down with the ship' as the Empress 'sank' into ruin.) We provide a service from the other side not for the hotel but for US and for you! We are not trapped here. We are here by Choice and we wanted to make this distinct difference from where we were last year. (He is right, the terrible energy there had 'lifted' over the year, and was still 'Light'). We are here to serve and to let Love shine from our hearts to you. Never be afraid of us.

There was one last Supernatural Healing. When I walked past the Parliament Building, I heard At the center of a celtic cross time stands still'.

At the Bay Mall, I was surprised to see this:

At the center of the cross shape of the mall was a large timepiece

This is below the clock--the circle of a celtic cross

So I stood here and did my thing

 This time the old ones came out from the back. Just like in Puna District in Hawaii. I 'gave' this land back to them, in Spirit. There was an important First Nations site under the mall, something sacred and important to Gaia's energy, a Ley Line perhaps? They were very quiet and surprised I was there and then thankful for the return of what was rightfully theirs. The Vortex that is there now is golden aquamarine blue. It is small, and not like any at the airports. The 'builders' did this on purpose, and it is my hope that Gaia, the ancients, and all the people who visit the mall will benefit from the new, more natural energies that are now there. If you build a large structure on surface earth with a purpose of 'squashing' a ley line, it will 'squash it'. However, that 'purpose' can be undone even though the building remains. Tearing down the building, on the other hand, might not 'undo' the purpose without Light work like I do.

As we walked by the scariest part of town (Chinatown) we missed it by a block. The entities sensed me and I 'felt' them. I was guided to say, 'I am only raising the vibration here a little bit, you do not have to leave.'


Reiki Doc