Friday, August 30, 2013

Ghostbusters! -- Cobra Intel 8.30.2013

Thank God I am a Chemical Engineer! I need that to understand the cryptic message that was sent out by Cobra today:

The first part is this:

The second part needs all my nerd to decipher:

It is a graph, with Log n on the y-axis. This is what we are measuring. It is a 'logarithmic scale' but not on log paper. I suspect we are measuring negative-non-physical entities, archons, elements who are hiding in 'the anomaly of duality' that exists inside of our bodies--these 'vibrations' actually 'hide' and are being cleared out. OR this is the etheric plane's last remnants of those same horrible entities.

On the x-axis we have measurements of TIME.

  • on May 21 we have log 16 of the 'ghosts'
  • on June 21 we have a little over log 13 of the 'ghosts'
  • on July 21 we have log 11.4 'ghosts'
  • on August 21 we have log 8.5 'ghosts' (about HALF of May 'ghosts')
  • the curve is exponential decay--by September 21 we predict log 2 'ghosts' which is one QUARTER of August 'ghosts')
  • by October 21 the curve hits zero. They are GONE!
Here is the hint--the MORE people do the following meditation, especially when joined with others for the weekly meditation--the more THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of these 'ghosts' are going to 'bust'. Each meditation gets rid of thousands of non-physical negative entities. They are highly 'allergic' to the Goddess Vortex energy.

So do your part! Here is a link to the meditation on you tube:

And here is what's next!

You can also participate at home by listening to this CD. I listen to it on the way home from work:

Again, is for Intel on the Resistance Movement of the Light Forces against the Cabal and Illuminati and Oppression.

And is where you go to help in any way you can to assist others at the time of the Event. (A huge flash of Light from the Galactic Central sun, a bank re-set, globally, and a new society that will be fair to ALL humanity. Not just the 'chosen few'.)

Love and Light,
Victory To The Light!

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is my dedication to the 'ghosts'. Oh yes, by the way, Achoo! Don't forget to close the door on the way out! ; )