Monday, August 26, 2013

Abundance At Guest Services At Target

I switched out my Key Chain at the end of May. I had a Ninjago 'Cobra' on it for years, and I used it as a 'focal point' for Planetary Liberation.  It felt like it was 'okay', like we had 'made it to the goal'.

Sometimes 'goals' in Spirit take a while to 'trickle down to Earth., sometimes a very long time.

Now I have a little asian Ninjago figure with a straw pointed hat and white martial art clothes on. That is my Twin Soul...about a year ago I got the message I was going to meet him. It might be the one I met  at the start of the year who is a Famous Japanese Chef. It might also be a surprise and be someone other than that person! But the keychain? It's working!

Two nights ago I started to tap into my 'extra water and supplies' I had stored up in case of 'Global financial reset' that will be associated with The Event. (We are to have about two week's worth of supplies. At the Event, the credit cards and banking system computers will be closed to switch over from the crooked ankle-biter Illuminati ways to a new, clean, honest computer that is transparent and fair to all.) I am very TIGHT with my safety. But like the keychain 'switch', it seemed the most natural thing to do, and 'okay'.

Yesterday I bought a camera. A detachable lens Canon with a wicked fast sports mode for when I go watching whales. I had wanted one since last September when I got back from Victoria, BC. A researcher let me use hers, and sent me photos of the whales. It was like National Geographic and totally AWESOME!...anyhow, I could save one hundred dollars on the zoom lens with a package deal. Only our Target was out of stock. I went across town to another that had it.

Guess what?

The electronics guy couldn't sell it.

I had to go to Guest Services. You know, that line where people return everything they don't like and that is broken? That's where the power is at Target. At Guest Services.

It also has the worst energy. Very heavy, very low vibration, very 'mind focused 3D'.

I waited a long time in line for them to figure out how to do it. They wanted the camera and all I had was my receipt. I almost didn't buy it, I waited that long!

I saw a woman return one Cover Girl Powder Compact, saying, 'it's the wrong one'. I saw another return an item that cost $1.38. I couldn't believe it! How much GASOLINE did it cost to DRIVE there?! Certainly more...

This is where the rubber hits the road, guys.

This is where the 'snag' is going to happen--how are all of these people with their nickel and dime mentality (you should have seen their faces over my camera lens and say 'she's going to save A HUNDRED DOLLARS!') going to believe the prosperity and abundance that is going to arrive?



Yesterday I gave to the San Diego Zoo. I have ever since Medical School. I give more now since I stopped giving to the Vatican. I also buy a month's worth of medicine at a time for the local sea life rescue. I feel great to be able to help. With Time, Talent or Treasure, you can help those who need it, too.

I also thank God I got my dream camera. One of my dreams ever since I was a kid had been to become a nature photographer. On my trip I saw how beautiful my photos had been. The one above was taken with a Nikon Coolpix that was on closeout at Target last June. I love playing with Light and a camera.

Why all this talk about abundance and money?

Well guys, it's happening. Right now. Right here. They're keeping it on the Down Low, but it's already in progress, the Global Reset. Here's the Intel:

It resonates.

Help your neighbor.

Help each other.

Stomp out FEAR like you would a fire right when it begins to start.

You can do it.

And like Poof says--enjoy the last few times of 'lack'. 

It's going AWAY for good.

Aloha Nui Loa and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc