Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Spirits In The Countryside In France

She is here in this photo. It is at Chateau Moncontour museum. This part here used to the be auberge, and now it is a museum. It is the last room in the museum. There were no other entities I noticed.

She is here by choice. She has gone to the Light, but once you 'go', you can always 'come back' for a visit. Her visit stay is 'always' because she likes it here. Her feet are three feet off the ground, that is how you know she is not a 'ghost' who has not crossed, and a 'spirit' who has.

I stared with delight at her!

I marveled at how kind she was, and how happy. Usually they are not like that. I looked up with my elbows resting on the left hand side of the bar for so long (as you see it here) that my friend took pictures of me looking up.

The couple who we visit have no clue I see ghosts, I am Reiki Doc, or anything like that. To them I am still the same catholic girl they have known for over thirty years....

This entity was remarkable in that all at once she understood my woman's heart. And she reassured me all will be happy for my heart, the same as hers.

She is here in the middle window,  not the tiny one at the top. This is the second spirit I have met who chose to stay at her happiest memory place. The first was an older woman on the Queen Mary. I slept in her room, without knowing it was hers. I have blogged about her, too. She actually died on board, of old age.

Happiness in a woman is such an important thing, romantic happiness. It is the complete and total fulfillment of a feminine soul. It is such a delight in this world that some choose 'it' as their Heaven!

She is in this top window too. All my worries stopped, and I found joy in the reassurance she had for me. It couldn't have been phrased better, or had better energy 'match' for 'where I was at'. I am thankful I met her.

This one here isn't where I 'saw' something. It is close. At the home built into the hill, number 50 at Rue de Cave de Producteurs, we stopped in the car and spoke with the woman who was watering the garden and currently living in the house. It was built by a grandfather of one of my friends. It was their first home. (The one I am staying in was also built by the grandfather). As the woman's face showed a delighted smile to learn the history of the home, over her left shoulder was the spirit of the grandfather. I know because his feet were three feet of the ground. He was looking at my friend intently, no contact with me. I felt pride, and guardianship in their relationship. But also, I 'sensed' that at the time for my friend to cross, it will be grandfather's responsibility to come for him. And I 'sensed' that the time is closer than any of the last times I have come to visit, although there is trouble telling 'time' from 'spirit' point of view. It doesn't 'translate' well to predictions.

All in all it was a good day!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Today is August 19,2013. On the drive to Azay Le Rideau, I asked my friend the name of his father--it was Andre. And his grandfather? It was Pierre. My friend did not know him; he died when he was only two. I believe this was the spirit of Pierre. The mother? She was Odette. And the grandmother? Alice. My friend knew his grandmother Alice very well.