Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rise And Shine!


If you or anyone you know has been experiencing the following symptoms, this article is for you:

  • decreased need for sleep in general
  • increased need for sunshine
  • decreased appetite for meat and dairy
  • increased appetite for vegetables and fruit
  • sudden urge to take a nap 
  • tingling or buzzing sensation in your body
  • intuition suddenly becoming very accurate
  • people around you answer what you think (pass me the salt and pepper) before you ask
  • seeing things--angels, deceased loved ones, Jesus, Buddha--and feeling their loving presence
  • the bar scene suddenly turns you off. alcohol too,  except for the occasional glass of red wine
  • movies, the newspaper, and TV seem hokey and contrived
  • an intense love and feeling of connection to others that is NEW
These are Ascension symptoms!

What is Ascension?

I am happy to answer. In Reiki 1 the student learns how to transfer energy through their hands into another. To start this flow, a Reiki Master Teacher, like me, does a small series of movements and energy transfer to open up the student to their natural ability to heal others.

As a result, the vibration of every cell in the student's body goes UP.

Energy flows from high to low. So does water. As the student learns more Reiki, the ability to safely contain higher levels of healing energy increases too. 

Reiki 1 opens eighty percent of the latent energy channels for the Chi that flows in the body. Reiki 2 opens the last twenty percent. After Reiki 2 a student is 'all the way open'. However, there are levels above that, all the way up until Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, which is what I am.

Guess what?

With Ascension, all of the vibration of every cell of everything on earth is going UP.

This means whether you are conscious of it of not, every cell in your body is increasing its rate of vibration just like the student of Reiki increases theirs. Except for a Reiki student we recommend six month intervals between levels. For YOU and most of the population of earth, this has been happening very gradually and slowly for about two years.

The healing power of Reiki is but one bandwidth of the Rainbow of invisible Light that can't be seen but can be FELT with your heart. (remember the feeling that 'someone is looking at you' and you turn to see who it is? that feeling is from your perception of their gaze or their Light or their aura.)

This might sound strange to you at first, but Heaven is real and Vibrating at a higher frequency than earth--that is why some people can 'communicate' with deceased loved ones is that they can detect different frequencies than most. Sometimes through dreams you can 'connect' when awake the vibrational difference with a loved one is too 'great to bridge'.

Ascension is the increasing of the vibrational rate of Earth and everything on the surface of Earth to the vibrational rate of Heaven.

Usually this is associated with some kind of cataclysm, where everything dies (remember the dinosaurs, or perhaps Atlantis sinking into the sea?).

This time is different.

Guess what?

Everything in Nature is already vibrating at this new vibration! Even your pets! Trees, birds, the ocean and everything in it...it all 'went up'.

Go outside and close your eyes. Everything looks the same. The only thing that is different is what you feel...

Why is this happening?
  • Gaia is Earth's consciousness. It is alive and has made enough progress to 'move up a level'
  • The collective consciousness (all of us while we are asleep) chose not to die but to Ascend
  • The negative non-native forces who had been taking advantage of us are not welcome now (the highest ranking cabal and Illuminati are human body but soul of these types)
  • It was part of the original plan for Gaia, and many are here to assist with the unfolding of this plan
  • Every other corner of the Universe is free from negative forces already, we are the last to get free
What about these negative forces?
  • Imagine a monster who would kidnap a child and keep them captive for their selfish pleasure
  • Imagine a rancher who would raise animals for food and butcher them to make money
  • Imagine a plantation slave owner who could not live without those that work the farm--there is no way he could feed himself
To these negative forces, we are all three.
  • The ninety percent of our brain 'we don't use' and the 'junk DNA' actually are meant to be used and have been 'kept non-functional' as a means of control of the masses
  • Wars and disease are a means of controlling the population into a manageable 'herd'
  • The slave owner is clever and controls us through government, religion, and money so we can barely survive, while never letting us once know we are 'kept'; the owner would starve without the fruits of our labor.
What is there to be done about this? Well, this will be a resource for you, this entire blog has a 'search function' in the top right hand corner. Just pick any topic and all of the posts will turn up. Here is an example:   http://reikidoc.blogspot.fr/2012/10/an-open-letter-to-newly-awakened.html
And here are more links:
  • www.prepareforchange.net The Official site for information on Ascension and the New Society
  • www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com this is our Healers Group which is the contact point for grass-roots level sub-groups that are organizing NOW to provide healing and comfort to the newly awakened. What better source of comfort and healing than professionals and experienced energy workers for those having distress from the physical and energy changes?
  • www.2012portal.blogspot.com This is one that gives news on the Ascension process in general. There are codes sometimes, other times understandable intel that is meant to be shared. We just had most of the negative forces contained : )))
Remember, Love Is The Solution for Everything. No matter what comes up, keep this in mind. 

As the Old ways go, you can imagine how they are totally wrapped up in the money system. It has to go. There is a big computer program that decides everything on the money with them getting lots of it and us not knowing. Everything has to be re-set. It will take about two weeks with no credit cards, no ATM, and no banks. Then everything that is yours will be yours as long as you are not a criminal--then that money will go to who it was taken from.

Good morning! This is going to be a wonderful day.

Love and Light,
Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc