Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Church Bell And The Vineyards

The chickens woke me up. I won't lie. That rooster is hard to ignore! But I was sleepy and rolled over. I pulled the warm covers tight.

That was my 'snooze' button. I had forgotten that it was Sunday and I am in the countryside in France. The church bells kept ringing until i woke up. They rang straight for five minutes.

I don't go to mass like I used to. And I certainly give a very small fraction of what I used to give when I go. For example, the first mass I went to on this trip was part of a grape harvest festival in a small town.

It was charming. A marching band made a parade through town, followed by winemakers. They stopped in front of several houses and businesses and played Dixieland Jazz. Then there was mass. This is an image from the mass that I enjoyed most--watch the hat and the stick:

After mass, the parade continued to the steps of City Hall! With joyful music and lots of picture-taking by the crowd, we walked to a courtyard nearby. Four people were given certificates as winemakers. One of them was the priest.

There was a small tasting party with cookies, wine, orange juice and water. Everyone was very kind. After a break for lunch and siesta, the party returned by boat--yes, a 'parade on a boat'--to a glass-enclosed living wine museum. There, after another wine taste of rose wine, we marched together singing to a corner where all the grapes were ripe. We cut the grapes traditionally, by hand. People with baskets underneath caught the grapes, and when the baskets were full poured the fruit into the 'hotte', a huge 'backpack basket'.

The 'hotte' went right to the press. There was a manual 'initial breaking' of the grapes, and then a large crank wine press. The grape juice ran freely, and everyone could have as much as they wanted to taste. It was not pretty but tasted beautiful.


There was a lot of bonding at the 'grape harvest festival' or 'Vendage'. All of the physical work and cooperation fostered 'team building'.

My friends I visit are descendants of wine makers. I have been many times to wine museums with them, and to the places to watch wine get made. I was surprised my friend used to wear a pump on his back and spray 'sulfur' on the plants when he was a teen. I was also surprised that his wife, my other close friend, used to harvest grapes. When a lot of people came to town to help, the area took about three weeks to harvest. Now, only two wineries harvest by hand. The rest are harvested by machine.


Yesterday was the highlight of our trip. My son got to drive a tractor and do work with it. The family has a garden in the vineyard. I have seen two other gardens before this. They were in sandy soil. This was not a good year for gardening because of a large hailstorm in June. The rocky soil garden is in the middle of grapes as far as you can see. The weeds are growing better than the plants!

I know. I bent over like they show in the paintings, and picked up very small onions as my friend's wife used the pitch fork to loosen the soil. We did almost one full row, and got a reuseable shopping bag almost full. We also harvested beets. The carrots were too small, and stuck in the clay soil. The pitch fork couldn't go in.

As the tractor went back and forth trimming the weeds, she showed me the scars on the trees from the hailstorm. Large marks were left where bark had been torn off. The trees were full of disease, too. They were expensive. She was deeply saddened.

I knew this garden. It has never thrived. But this time, I was moved to help with Reiki and Light.

I hugged the trunk of a thin fruit tree. My grandfather and godfather (the same person, two roles), worked the orchards back in the old country in Sicily. I knew plants because of his lifestyle. (He used to make his own wine, too). 

As I hugged the tree, warm blue Goddess energy came up from Gaia. It came right up through my legs, into my arms, into the tree. I gently let the tree know it was loved. That this family was very kind. And I wanted the tree not to suffer, but to heal.

Then the faeries showed up.

They were confused because of all the grapes growing around this tiny garden. They didn't know what to do.(I felt like the faeries were not 'welcome' with the grapes somehow.)

I was surprised by this comment. I gently 'told' them telepathically that this garden has never thrived, and that the family who needs it to eat could use their help. 

Then the faerie Queen showed up. She gave me a glass of tonic for my healing too. (I won't go into the details--it is personal but was accurate and timely.) I drank it.

Suddenly I understood what to do for the poor trees! I hugged or 'touched and examined' each one, and gave Reiki. The trees responded beautifully to the loving energy. I also at each one drew up the blue Goddess energy and 'connected' it to the Golden Goddess Spiral energy to protect it. 

Out of nowhere, the spirit of Joan of Arc came up with her horse. She was on foot. I have seen a lot of folks from the other side, but this one caught me off guard. She was small, and straight forward, very serious. She asked me what it was exactly that I was asking for. I 'sensed' that she wanted me to spread the healing PAST the garden and into the fields that surrounded it. I made the healing more 'wide'. She offered to assist the land in any way she can. And then she left.

Later I walked through the grape vines with the others. They showed me leaves with little green bumps on them. 'The maladie'. I understood.

'Alcohol is a poison' Wes Annac wrote about 'the occasional glass of wine'. He'd never touch it.

Is it?

Spiritually, all sources I have researched have said a small glass of wine sometimes with dinner, organic if possible, is good for the health and certainly not harmful for the spirit.

Medically, this small glass of wine makes a fatty reaction in the liver. More than three glasses of wine a day will lead to cirrhosis, which is irreversible damage of the liver.

The church promotes 'bread and wine'. Yet there is gluten in the bread and nowadays pesticide in the wine.

Is it safe?

I think it depends. For my body, which is from generations of farmers, I do okay with french bread and wine. I don't eat them every day. My body is 'plant based'. ; ) For others, who are more 'meat based', it might indeed be poison for them.

Thank you Wes Annac for making me look past the history of my family, and of this area, to see the influence of the cabal in church, wheat, and wine-making. It is there, undeniably so.

And through the same heart center, I can appreciate how it has become a part of our humanity, to live with the land. There IS no right or wrong that causes separation--because ultimately we are ONE to figure out what is best for Gaia, and for Us with respect to wine and gluten.

I am so glad I healed the land yesterday. After the healing I saw so much more Life at my feet. Spiders, grasshoppers, even some bees!

Is wine poison? Is it poison for the body? It can be, if taken in excess. Alcoholism can really destroy families. Growing wine was poison for my friend's cousin. He has so much metastatic disease that the incision has been seeded with mets.

Are the fields of grapes and wheat and sunflowers hurting Gaia? I don't know. But I do know I asked for help in healing the land, and Spirit 'showed up'.

These are the kind of issues we are going to face together after Ascension; Gaia really needs our help and all of us are going to take some time to help all of the life on earth and in the oceans.

Yesterday I could hear the church bell ringing all the way up in the fields. I think this confirms the 'connection behind the scenes' that might not be so 'Light'. Soon we  will know the truth and what to do about it. As more and more 'awaken', the Light will expose all that is hidden.

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc