Thursday, August 29, 2013

Extraterrestrial Roll Call Results

Good Morning Star Shine!

Yesterday I posed the following question to my facebook page Doctors With Reiki:

Roll call for Souls!--only if you are ready to post here, otherwise 'message' me in private--Andromedans? Arcturians? Pleiadians? Sirians? From Vega? From anywhere else??? I want to know. (I am officially soul origin, very old soul, with a sirius-pleiades mix. Spirit says. And guess what? My 'overwhelming desire to Go Home'?, the most strong sign I am 'not from here as a soul?' went away last week. The vibrations here now are so much higher and more pleasant for my soul!)

The results are:

743 -- total views of the question

42 -- 'likes' this is only 17.6% of the total views  (so 83.4% either didn't 'like' it or didn't care)

19 -- comments.

Of the 19 who chose to respond (and may have 'liked' the question, too):

6 -- Arcturians
3 -- Pleiadians
3 -- Sirian-Pleiadian hybrid 'mix'
1 -- Pleaidian-Andromedan hybrid 'mix'
1 -- Orion
1 -- Angelic Human
1 -- 'Everything bagel' who has 'all origins in their soul history'

The other three were 'fuzzy' but 'drawn' to Lemuria, Atlantis, and had recall of past lives. They wanted to know MORE about their Truth and their Heritage.

Most notable was that several of the respondents are having actual contact WITH their star family!

There were also two private messages to me, with 'self disclosure' but in privacy to them I will not 'share' their 'star origin'. I suspect there is a significant number of those who like these individuals, are 'sleepers' and 'not ready to disclose to the general public' what they ARE.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found this article this morning:
by Karen Doonan.

The timing is what gets my attention.

I have always thought as the Vibration increased, those who are originally souls that are FROM the Higher Realms would want to come 'out of the closet' once the energies are favorable to them.

This is happening.

So to the Positive Military who asked, on a post once, 'Can ET phone home?'


The ET's on Ground Crew ARE 'phoning home' as we speak.

They are awaiting further assignments and instructions, just like you in the Positive Military.

All I can ask those of you who ARE from Higher Realms and Other 'Planets', is to stand tall, be OPEN, and be the best YOU that you can possibly be. 

LOVE is the SOLUTION for EVERYTHING and your LOVE of Humanity is going to help the change from Humanity to Hue-manity as you answer the questions.

First wave will be the 'fuzzies' like the three in the 'straw poll'.

Next wave will be those that 'notice' what is going on around them.

Hold your positions and be the shining stars you are meant to be for the world, and also for the Universe.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

P.S.  Enjoy

P.P.S. There are many out there that are 'interested' and 'want to know how to find out where THEY are from'. Here is a link to a website for ten dollars or so you can get a full report--you need to send you photo in too.