Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Heroine For Gaia's Seas

There is a wonderful organization that was established by a woman who has been sailing the ocean her whole life, Maud Fontenoy. She is currently the UNESCO spokesperson for the Oceans.

I rode her ride at Futuroscope that is called 'The 8th Continent'--it refers to the huge amount of human non-biodegradeable wastes that are in the oceans.

In the ride, you sit on a 'horse like' seat with a laser 'gun' and images are shown where you 'shoot trash' in the sea. Together our 'group' eliminated 70% of the 'trash' that was 'on the ride'. My friend was the top scorer!

The excitement and enthusiasm of helping Gaia was palpable within the group--I think I was the only one at the theme park on that ride, who really thinks about Gaia, but all of us in a way did, because of the design of the 'ride'.

Please find more about her here:

There is also a French version if you prefer, look for the 'flag' symbol on the top right of the page.


Reiki Doc