Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Morning and Bonjour!

The rooster is doing his thing right now. It is still halfway dark. And I am in France.

This is a beautiful work of art called 'Sequoia and Plywood' at the Tours Museum of Fine Art. Isn't it lovely? Look at it closely. It is the best piece of work that I have ever seen as a Lightworker.

We are the Sequoia.

Illuminati are the plywood.

This four-year old girl, if you choose to listen, sings 'Frere Jacques' in FOUR different languages: Russian (I think), French, Chinese, and English.

Her voice rises clearly, and although you may not understand all of the languages, in at least one of them, she is calling to YOU.

I slept well last night. I also had dreams that woke me up. Those are the prophetic ones. If you are interested, I will describe them:

  • I kept seeing long shadows all around the room. They were on the walls, the ceiling, everywhere I looked. They kept moving around menacingly. Then I was shown a puppeteer with a single bright light and silhouettes mounted on long sticks. He was telling a story with them. I watched the screen that was strung between the two posts of his little stand that was a stage. I did not like the show. I realized he was only playing with the Light and Shadow to make a story he wanted me to see. But I could see through it.
  • I also was shown a puppet slowly sliding off a hand at a similar show. All of a sudden there were many, many puppets being released from the hands that made them go. For some reason, I don't understand, the hands were all right handed white people's hands.
If you have 'eyes that see', which roughly translated means, 'if your eyes are being guided by your heart center and NOT your 3D mind  like before you woke up and raised your vibration', this will make perfect sense to you.

If not, your reaction, if you still are reading, and I thank you for this 'stretch in spirituality' and your patience--part of you will want to say, 'OH BROTHER!' Through no fault of your own, you cannot 'see the message'. It is like 'Where's Waldo' and trying to find him amid all of the busy drawings. That is okay. When it is your time, to do YOUR Lightwork, and your Vibration 'will go up' accordingly, you will KNOW. Just like the Velveteen Rabbit, who through years of love and play with his 'boy', became REAL and the Light in his eyes shown because he was REAL and he just KNEW it.

Yesterday, this blog post was written: It took a lot of courage to write it. Because it was the first I have written to prepare you for The Others. Just like in the dream, the gig is up for the Illuminati. One you see that hand, you ain't never gonna 'see' it as 'real' again. But for the puppets? Those who have been manipulated and lied to and threatened and unable to 'get out' of the role? How is society going to heal all of THEM? Although we have Spiritual Guidance, the work is going to be done by healers--globally!

This blog post yesterday was to teach you as a healer to look past the horrors and help those who have suffered at the hands of Darkness; it asks Will YOU Be a LIGHT for Those Who have PTSD and are Reaching Out To YOU in their wanting to feel the Light again?

As of right now, one hundred and one people have read it, or more correctly, it has been viewed 101 times.

Yesterday I also posted a campaign poster photo of A Female Presidential Candidate with the words I wrote 'This is an example of a 'smiling face' I mentioned in a recent Blog post. Shocking, isn't it?' in small print over the large red font that went with the picture, 'WILL YOU VOTE FOR (HER NAME)?"

I am still stunned over the responses. Our of twenty-six comments, some of them 'Pro' and others 'against', ONLY ONE PERSON WAS TOTALLY AWAKE WHO READ IT. 

They asked, politely, 'where can I find this blog post?'. I put it there just now in a 'reply' comment.

There were about four who were 'politics is bought' but in no way comprehending that I had clearly made the point between BOTH the blog post AND the section that 'many you see are Illuminati and practice Ritual Abuse and smile in the media--their smiling faces hide terrible crimes against others that would make the whole 'vegans against animal cruelty' thing seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the tidal wave of response to AWAKE people KNOWING what the Illuminati DO in secret in the DARK'. Take the 'lightbulb' of vegan protest and turn it into a power plant!

But no. It was her old candidate. Monsanto. Buzz words, Yes I would vote for her! Trying to convince the others of your 'vote'. Very sadly not where I had hoped they would be. I took it hard and was deeply disappointed in my 'work' not being able to 'wake enough people up'...not even my 'vibration' was 'getting through enough to help'...

People like the wood on them that keeps them from 'waking up'.  Even the people I send Reiki to, and teach Reiki to, and give Divine Peace healing for free. I 'boost' blog posts with money out of my own pocket to help more people wake up! But sleepy they are. The anesthetic is strong for them, the one the Illuminati gives...

So here is Plan B:
  • Not everyone is going to 'wake up' BEFORE the Event.
  • The best we can get it for Lightworkers to realize Who They Are and to Recognize Each Other
  • We also have to be gentle enough to put 'Namaste' to use: your neighbor Lightworker might have an occasional glass of wine and you might think 'herb' or marijuana is the safest drug on the planet. One of you might have once voted for That Candidate! Let the Lightworker 'hand' in you accept the Lightworker 'hand' that is being offered you.
  • Together we connect and make a grid on Gaia of Light. It is like a spider web of Light, with lines aglow with Higher Dimensional Light connecting us together.
  • Reach deep into Gaia and to Heaven (it is Real), and share your Light. When enough join their Light in Meditation, such as Cobra's guided ones, or the new one here:  When 144,000 do this at the same time, it will raise the Vibration of Gaia just enough to trigger The Event.
  • Remember, you are going not going to be able to 'take everyone with you'--have them wake up before the Event. But AFTER the Event, everyone will 'wake up'. It will be glaringly obvious to all of us. The concern I have is there are going to be more 'questions' than 'answers' if there are not enough people awake like you to 'guide' those who have suddenly 'woken up' in the 'waking up adjustments'.
So remember--meditate, meditate, meditate. Go in Nature. 'Keep coming back' to whatever helps you gain Light. Avoid things that decrease Light. And assist everyone you can.

I LOVE YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE ASLEEP! Don't worry. But know these are the kinds of thoughts that I have on my mind all of the time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc