Saturday, August 17, 2013

Your Vibration and YOU: The Effect of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll ; )

Just how high do you want to get?

Everyone is vibrating at a certain frequency. I am not talking about Vibrators or anything sexual right now.

There is a time and a place for everything. For now, let us talk about the energy that is moving through every cell in your body. It flows in a column of white light that is about ten centimeters wide, right down through your head and the rest of your body. I see it.

This Light connects your Mental, Astral, and Etheric bodies together through the chakra system into your physical body. There are pathways for energy to flow. In acupuncture this energy flow is called 'chi'. I see this too.

Long story short--sex with LOVE increases chi. sex without it decreases it. Drugs in all forms decrease chi. Loud amplified music weakens the aura and therefore it must decrease the chi.

Everything is relevant. If you are serious in your wanting to raise your Vibration as high as possible, meditate. Make sure it is your heart center and not the ego that wants the Highest Chi you can attain.

Then do these simple steps:

  1. Drop the Vibration -toxic thoughts, beliefs, and habits: Forgive. Release hatred you may carry against anything or anyone. Even in sports. Be on the alert for anything that is going to 'suck you in' to a lower vibration. News, movies, and anything that is televised is designed to 'suck you in'. There is a 'science' to this. There is also 'disinformation' on the internet too. One has to be cautious with everything 'one takes in'. If it is Truth, it will 'resonate' in your chest, in your Heart Center, not your mind.
  2. Carefully examine your religious beliefs and lifestyle:  up to a point, religion and mind-altering substances can raise the vibration or make someone focus on Spirit/Source. Then it becomes a dependency. 'YOU' can't go above a certain Vibration because 'something or someone' is required to 'help you connect and focus'. Here are two excellent references. This one might upset some seekers, but it is Truth; it is better a sore Truth than an exquisite Lie. 1) 2) (more related links, such as vegan diet and antidepressant use will be listed at the end).
  3. It is like riding a bicycle--the faster you 'pedal' the more stable your 'vibration' will be:  After you make the first choices to raise your Vibration, you might be surprised at the others that follow! I never thought I would become vegetarian, never mind RAW vegan. My heritage and acceptance of the fact that 'energy is energy' and 'some beings generously give of their lives so I may be healthy' led me to think I would always eat meat. I met someone who has been RAW for twelve years now. It wasn't him, or the other owner of the place where they work. It was the look in their eyes that got me to try it. And I found, much to my surprise, I felt better than I have in years!  So be open to Spirit, through 'hints' and 'nudges' through others. Try something new, and if it feels good, continue!
  4. Make it a point to be around Like-Minded Others:  Your vibration will be more stable when others of similar vibration are around. Even online. Just stick to 'what feels right' and don't feel an obligation to 'raise others'. By direct aura-to-aura contact your vibration is going to have an effect on your family, coworkers, and loved ones. It will happen. You only have to work on yourself for it to be so.
  5. The closer you get to your Purpose, the easier your Life Experience will be: I always tell young people to try a lot of things, and to do what they enjoy. Why? Because because you will have the advantage against others in the field of choice by loving what you do! Your Purpose is going to energize you and give you focus and strength like never before. For me, I heal and I write. I could write all day and never tire of it! Once you find your Purpose it will be your Strength too.
Here are more article links that might interest you:
I hope this answers your questions. Remember, each of us has our own Spiritual Purpose. There are no 'right' and 'wrong' answers. We each have eternity to grow in Spirit. 

This blog post is for those who want to understand what is happening, and also who wish to become their 'highest vibration possible'.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc

P.S. What do I do as Reiki Doc, here and now?
  • I exercise moderately when I can, yoga and ballet are my preference. I also like walking outside.
  • I get about fifteen minutes of direct sunlight on my skin daily.
  • I 'ground' with my bare feet on soil or grass whenever possible.
  • I take naps when I can. Most of my 'on ship' experiences are when overwhelming sleepiness hits and I am able to rest for about twenty minutes.
  • I appreciate Nature whenever possible--I hug trees, pet animals, enjoy fresh air.
  • I look at the Night Sky whenever I can--it really 're-sets' everything spiritually for me. In daytime I look at clouds too. (I just saw an Andromedan ship this morning and said high--they are clouds that look like a stack of pancakes that are not all the same size.)
  • I buy organic everything.
  • I eat RAW vegan whenever possible, and always first at a meal if I am going to have anything else.
  • My next choice is organic goat milk and cheese from Redwood Hill Farms (I know and trust the owners)
  • All other dairy and meat for my family is organic whenever possible.
  • My diet is between 50-70% raw, and almost 100% vegetarian between travel and the hospital.
  • I avoid fast food. If I eat it, I put reiki in it first. I also reiki anything that is microwaved.
  • I enjoy an occasional glass of wine. I do not drink soda or mixed drinks. Very rare Guinness.
  • I do not smoke tobacco or anything else.
  • I do not take recreational drugs.
  • I take my medicines for my health conditions--proton-pump inhibitor and allergy med. Also a daily aspirin.
  • I supplement my RAW vegan with daily B-12, Dr. Shulze green powder, and RAW meal
  • I meditate whenever possible, and send daily free healing to my readers
  • I am generous of heart, of time, and of gifts whenever possible
  • I edit my thoughts, and when a negative one comes I 'pluck it out'.
Aloha to you; we are Ohana in this Ascension together.