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Reiki Doula Reiki In A C-Section

    • This is an actual correspondence carried in private messaging on Doctors With Reiki. I admire all doulas, especially ones like this who make the footwork in advance to make everything smooth for their client, even checking in with me like this before coming to my hospital on a day where I didn't work and had a colleague.

      Hi ReikiDoc!!

      I'm a "Reiki Birth Hypno-Doula"  I recently came across your page. So happy to have found you. Your stories, and thoughts that you share resonate so deeply with me and really bring me joy. I feel a very strong connection to what you do, and hearing your perspective is important to me, as I am a Childbirth Educator who teaches Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis. (we have a very progressive and 'open' Labor and Delivery department--Reiki Doc) My students employ real medical hypnosis "hypno-anesthesia" for comfort during birth. I am a birth doula (hypno-doula). I am also a level 2 Reiki practicioner since April 2013.

      In approx 1 week, I will be attending my first planned c-section with my Hypnobabies student & doula client. I am on call for her birth & while I know she wanted a natural, vaginal birth, I am at the same time happy, humbled and grateful to be able to support her as a doula and also bring Reiki into the OR!!

      My client/student has stated that her OB is ok with my presence there as a doula, but that the anesthesiologist makes the final call on me being in the room with her. Any advice if it looks like the anesthesiologist wants to shut me out? Something I could say to reassure that I will not be whatever problem or obstacle they may be envisioning me to be?

      I am a Level 2 so I can send distant healing from outside the room, though I am just trying to focus on the outcome we DO want. Maybe, I just thought now, that I should be sending Reiki to the date of August 20th in advance, too!

      And from a Reiki perspective if all is well and I"m in - any particular suggestions for hand placements before during and after? I will always do as I am guided and I trust my intuition. Still, I wanted to ask and just say hello, since you might find the combo of my professions interesting, too, especially if you are mostly OB Anesthesiologist!

      Reiki Doula
    • Hi Reiki Doula! Welcome to my world! I did three c-sections yesterday myself. As an anesthesiologist, I want you to know there are three concerns for you as 'a guest in the O.R.':
      1) sterility so mom doesn't get infected--be sure to stay behind the blue drapes at all times, wash up hands good before, and keep mask on 'right'--metal bendy bar on top and tight tie.
      2) keep presence almost invisible to as not to distract Anesthesia and OB. There is very little 'real estate' and my OR doula once shoved me and Dad OUT OF THE WAY at Cedars-Sinai. Very uncool at this special time to put safety and family second-place out of 'Doula-ness' LOL.
      3) I would suggest using 1 hand position, that is non-threatening to others in the OR--hold the hand that dad does not hold! This is what I do, and I talk to mom and give Reiki. They love it. I know 'transition symbol' and give it at actual time of birth. You are going to see a beautiful thing, a miracle--imagine two hundred years ago this poor mother, and possibly child, would have DIED in childbirth! Expect to come in when dad is invited, excpect baby to be born in about five minutes, and expect to stay with mom until she goes to recovery. Remember, you are a PIONEER so be sure to be all Pam Miles and respectful to make other Reiki people WELCOME in the OR after you!!! Please let me know how everything goes. I would love to hear your talk-story. Have to go to meeting now. Mahalo and Namaste. ALOHA Reiki-OR OHANA!!! : )))
      Reiki Doc

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    • Oh, such good stuff!! Haha, thank you~ I do, indeed, feel welcome here! Finally doing the work I love & crossing paths with amazing people like you on my journey.  Thanks SO so much for taking time to share your insight, advice and encouragement!! It is incredibly valuable to me. Pregnancy, and birth are always magical, mysterious & YES a true miracle no matter which way baby is born. (I, myself, had a c-section so I 'get it' from that perspective too & sense that this will lend itself to being a healing birth for me, as well, when all is said and done.) I cannot believe you got shoved... sigh, well, I can... I'm just appalled!  I will most definitely be "all Pam Miles" all the way LMAO! The plan is to be quiet, discrete, sterile, respectful, and with Reiki flowing continuously for Mom & Baby.  I will definitely let you know how it goes. Thanks again, and have a great day! xo, Reiki Doula

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    • Well~ the C-Section went very well! I gave her a Reiki session the day before the surgery. It was really cool to see how strong Baby responded in the womb - she started moving all around when I got over her belly and I was about an inch over her belly  Not even touching!  I joined them at the hospital and gave more Reiki in triage. I got the OK to go in with her - Anesthesiologist was cool, and said if there was an emergency I had to leave but otherwise no problem. This was the Mother's 2nd c-section, and there was something not right about the way she originally healed, that revealed to her high risk doc as her uterus expanded. (Reiki Doc comment--her uterus was close to rupturing, which could prove fatal to both mother and child if it did.) They referred to it as bulging, and once opened said "the whole lower uterine segment" was weak and that she "really made the right decision." Technology really served her, as well as her high risk doc who caught this. This might have saved her life. There were 3 OBs in the room because I guess it is rare to catch in advance what they did. No one could get to Moms right arm/hand, so I had her left and I held it the whole time. Baby came out and needed some help with her first breath, but then perked right up! Longest minute ever!! Mom was getting Reiki still, and I could see Baby across the room and sent to her as well. They both did so well, that 3 week early baby did not need NICU and they got to be together in recovery. I stayed with Mom and gave post-op Reiki, and doula loving, until she got roomed. Once we knew that Mom & baby were fine, and everyone relaxed, I told the Anesthesiologist (who I had been chatting with a bit about doula stuff and he was very cool and supportive) "Oh, by the way, you had Reiki in the OR today too."  He goes "what the heck is that? (Reiki Doc--my colleagues are clueless about what I do. Only the RN's, some, and some techs, know. None on L&D though) " LOL So, my elevator speech was something like "it is a high vibration of energy that helps keep Mom & baby stable & balance, and also promotes speedy post-op healing and comfort." He just chuckled at me, but I know that now when someone else mentions Reiki - maybe he will now remember that "Reiki Doula" The OBs were also fantastic, and on my way out saw them and gushed my gratitude for being allowed in to offer support, and again, mentioned Reiki & gave the OB my business cards for childbirth ed & reiki. I really served that day!! It was such a blessing!! 
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    Doctors With Reiki
    • Big smile! Most excellent! Thanks so much for letting me know! : )))

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    • Sure, my pleasure - thanks for being interested!!

      AND on another note, response to one of your posts - I am a VERY old soul too, a Master soul, old warrior soul, and a powerful healer. Although I need to bring the warrior energies to a resolution in order for the master energies to come through fully. Glad to have Reiki in the toolbox these days! I am from the Pleiades & I feel connected to Sirius, too. 

      AND final note - I've been through a beautiful and tumultuous 11 years so far with my Twin Flame. Our recent interactions since Nov 2012  brought out our telepathy!! As we say to each other as we just stare & smile "There are just no words..." Only LOVE. I'm just so touched to see you sharing your experiences and I believe in Twins reuiniting! Rooting for you and Twins everywhere 
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    Doctors With Reiki
    • Thank you Reiki Doula...and may I have your permission to share your reiki doula story on the blog?

      Please be sure to share your gratitude to Reiki Doula for letting us share!

      Aloha and Mahalos,

      Reiki Doc