Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Ascension Symptom: Infection of the Eyes

A little over two years ago,  I had a bout with my right eye. No one could seem to diagnose it. I was told it was an ocular version of a skin disease. I took pills and scrubbed with special soap and it got worse!

I couldn't wear any eye makeup for about eight months it was so bad, and also it was embarrassing to be seen that way by my patients.

I went from doctor to doctor, and also tried whatever my friends could find (extra erythromycin from the neonate supply in tiny little tubes).

My Reiki Master has a healing list--I put myself on that and also the Divine Peace Healing list. I sent PICTURES of the eye for Reiki healing! That didn't produce much result, either.

Finally, the husband of a friend who is an opthomologist saw me. He had never seen anything like it. He prescribed an antibiotic that was, on my insurance which is generic-only, one hundred twenty dollars for a tiny tube!

It worked.

I was at the end of my rope. I relaxed and let go.

I had one or two small recurrences. Much to my dismay I lost that expensive tube.

It was shortly after that I was told by Blessed Mother 'you have made it!'. She was very excited. (I had Ascended). It was also around this time I was also told by her that 'you have mastered the lesson on Loss.'

Right now, The host where I am staying, my friend, has a terribly swollen right eye. It kept getting worse. (He will take acupuncture but is not interested in Reiki--there is too much cultural difference, LOL) He went to the doctor yesterday.

Both of my sisters recently have had eye problems. One was in both eyes and the worst infection her doc had ever seen (they said that to me). The other isn't infected but needs a CT scan, and is swollen too. Hers is her left.

For some reason, for some people, Ascension affects the eyes. It felt like everything I needed to clear from all of my Reiki attunements happened all at once through the eyes!

I wouldn't be surprised if any lingering mysterious ailment had something to do with the Ascension process.

In Reiki, as we advance, we 'cleanse'. We experience a 'clearing out of the gunk in the energetic pathways' as we 'open up'. There can be physical symptoms, like the eyes described above. There can be emotional symptoms (old issues you thought you'd worked through suddenly come up again), mental symptoms, spiritual symptoms....whatever it is that is 'stuck' in your 'aura' that isn't of the Light and able to transmit lots of LIGHT is coming out.

Think of it as a major spiritual 'detoxification'.

Seek whatever treatment you can find until one works for you if there are physical symptoms like the eye that have infection. Ascension symptom is a diagnosis of exclusion--for your own safety make sure it isn't anything else first.

And be glad it only happens once!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is the original blog post about my eye while it was happening.  There might be a few more about that same time frame.