Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Depletion and Zonkification

“Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go. God opens millions of flowers everyday without forcing their buds” ~ Osho

I recently experienced a mild, travel-induced gastroenteritis. Every illness I have tends to have a spiritual 'lesson' my body is trying to 'explain' to me.

This one was to submit.

To surrender.

To trust my body to heal itself.

And to get to 'know' the 'not-so-psychic'  part of me again. Also to let go and allow my loved ones with their presence to understand.

Last November I had colitis from RAW goat milk which gave me campylobacter. Some of the Touraine cheeses I had bought had an 'off' flavor but I ate them anyway. Monday night I had rigors (shaking chills) and knew I had something like the campylobacter again. I was febrile, and I had an overwhelming urge to sleep. My white count must have been about fourteen again, because last time I had those symptoms it was there. High normal is ten for WBC, typical normal is six.

I had pain.

I woke up. My friends had concern. They shared this wonderful pill Spasfon. They travel a lot, and always pack it with them. When I could I slept. Last night I made it to Paris on the train. 

My 'inner guidance' shut off. It is rare for it to go quiet. I slept, but my son was hungry. We went to the restaurant in the hotel. The service took forever. But I had a coke and it really helped. 

Sometimes we need to get back to basics.

My immunity was intact from November. The symptoms rapidly recovered. There was some hunger this morning. This morning I explained to the room service person what happened, and would they please bring bread, juice and fruit? (My son wanted French Toast). 

So even through I am in The City Of Light, Paris, for some reason, it is time to rest and regenerate.  I have given myself much Reiki. It has helped too.

I used to LOVE Paris. Now I look around and see all of the Illuminati symbolism in the architechture. This city is FULL of it. For the first time I feel the energies here. There is a lot going on. No wonder why my kid and I fought so much the last time!

When you do a lot of Lightwork, sometimes you will be depleted. Kauilapele calls it 'zonkification'. Take the time you need to REST.

When you are not feeling your best, allow your body to do what it must do to heal. The only thing I COULD hear 'spiritually' was signals from my body saying what to eat, what not to eat, and to rest.

A temporary setback MIGHT be something that is helping you to ultimately forge ahead.

Trust. Always trust in the process. Surrender and Let Go.

Right now I can feel the pull of Home, back in California. My heart also feels the 'pull' of the Loire Valley and my dear friends. But I am here, now, and going to slowly take a walk to the Eiffel Tower with my family.

No matter where you are, it is Right. Hold on to it, and listen to what you can. It might be your body, your Spirit, your Dreams, it could be anything. Just go with it.

More on what happens today, next. <3

Aloha and mahalo,


Reiki Doc