Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reiki For A Friend Going Through Hard Growing In Spirit

  •  This is an example of what healing can be like between Lightworkers. A good friend of mine messaged me on my private page. With her full permission to share with you, here is her seeking assistance and getting it by distance.
    This is something we can't do inside the hospital. I hope it is educational for everyone. This is why I am posting it.
    ______________________________________________________________________________________________Friend: could you send a little Reiki love back in time to my 6 or 7 year old self? she was terrified today... big work is coming up, which will likely change the architecture of my heart - of which she has declared herself gatekeeper - opens it a peek for a little love and comfort from occasional members of the male of the species, then slams it shut out of terror... is it too much to ask for her? we would be soooo grateful. mercí for your light... and I am so happy you're having a beautiful time in France... blessings
  • Reiki Doc: I will send it with French sunshine from the countryside right now. You might even smell the lavender... I saw her. She watched me heal you. The lower chakras were blocked. I opened them more, and she was nervous. As you opened, all grid light pathways were functioning and you glowed. I asked her, can you imagine how it felt for big (Friend's Name) to have the Light stuck in her like that? It is like trying to go poop and you can't! She understood and started laughing a beautiful laugh! I gave her my reiki doll Annie and she gave it back. She gave me a necklace. I gave her a crown and a unicorn. She is excited to sprinkle fairy dust now and help you on your mission. Would it be okay if I blogged about this? I think it will help others. I will not use your name. Either way, is fine. It's your call. Love and Light, Reiki Doc

    Friend: ahhh, thank you so much! I have felt lots of energy moving and have been very tender hearted, vulnerable and emotional yesterday and today, especially noticed it right about the time you were sending. love and blessings from my heart to yours. fine to blog...
  • btw I have been terrified of the slightest hint of perceived "neediness" in a man with whom there is even the teeniest bit of potentially sexual/romantic energy - too much like my dad... I've known this for awhile, but today it feels like another level of realization. I hope that's going, going, gone. I love the images you describe, and the poop metaphor, and the thought and sensation of fairy dust... and opening the lower chakras more... and functioning light pathways... (Friend)

  • Reiki Doc (channelled message): Buy yourself a unicorn. It will show up to you in the most surprising way. Keep it on your dresser... Glad you are feeling better...take care of yourself right now. You are healing...Love and Light,

    unicorn sounds like fun I will welcome it.
  • I am so glad and grateful for your help with this healing ! fluffy warm sparkly light and dancing twinkles and love surround you and your loved ones... Thank you, dear friend and bright spirit... here's one of my fave Hubble telescope images... "pillars of creation" love to you, (Friend)

  • Reiki Doc: Ahhhh...the image looks like home. Thank you and namaste...


    Aloha and Mahalos,

    Reiki Doc