Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mediumship With A Knight

I was driving home from a visit to another here in France, actually, I was riding in the back seat. I passed a large wall to a big home that was not a castle for the third time. I felt the dark energy behind the wall, and felt moved to create a vortex to help others to the Light as we drove past.

As you know, my Lightwork is very fast. I did this in less than a minute.

A white vortex went up. Spirits started going up it. But one, a knight, stuck around with me while we were driving by. He asked me to write this to you:

  • he died too fast to realize he was dying and could choose the Light. There are a lot of those like him 'about'.
  • he was thankful for the chance to go to the Light--it had been a long wait for him
  • As he 'goes up' he is taking a 'ring side seat' to watch the Ascension process and us Lightworkers. He showed me how others used to sit to watch him joust in the ring. Now HE is very excited to be watching US. (I got the feeling this is just like when you have your ticket and find your seat before a show you really want to see--that buzz and excitement).
That is all he had to say. He was in a suit of armor with the visor lifted up. I could see he was handsome, had a moustache, and was smiling with his teeth and with his eyes and with his heart.


Reiki Doc