Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Message From Our Lady 8.23.2013

Yesterday was a travel day from Paris back home to California.

On the plane from CDG, I got this message from Blessed Mother, to me:

Paris 20:10, Montreal 14:40

When you arrive in Montreal have no fear what will happen. Everything happens for the best. (she holds my chin in her right hand and looks me in the eyes, and says, NEVER FORGET THIS!)

You will be well and so will (names my son). You will be cared for tenderly, from all of us in the skies. Never be afraid. Not of anyone or anything.

Your flight will connect on time. You will arrive and everything will happen in the best of reasons, places and times.

I want for you to WRITE about it. Tonight or very, very early tomorrow morning.

(She signs it her special nickname, Mom-Incess)


We land. We deplane. We go to 'US Connections' lines in YUL--Montreal. We go through security and customs. Then to the gate. We find the Maple Leaf Lounge--I suddenly realize I don't like American food. My boy is anxious to board the new plane. We go downstairs.

I am in a white shirt with long sleeves and navy blue stripes. A mother and son who look Arabic are immediately across from the gate seated while we stand 'in line' for there is no line yet, 'to be the first on the plane'. They wear matching navy with white stripes short sleeve tee shirts, and there is a daughter who is asleep. They stare.

It turns out the boy recognizes my son. They used to be on the swim team together (we stopped around a year ago). The boy asks his mom to ask me if my son is his old friend. We are indeed! So we 'catch up' for a few minutes thousands of miles away from home.

They had spent thirty days in Lebanon to see family. Both of her parents, both of her husband's, and all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins live there. She had been up since 04:00 a.m. Lebanon time, traveled with the kids to Geneva, waited two hours, flown here, and waited for a flight to LAX. We would be on the same plane home! Her husband was going to come get them.

I asked, 'How was it being home? Was it absolutely wonderful to have the family together where all the kids could get to know their cousins and play?'

Her reply was chilling, 'It was not like that. What surprised me was that every day I was there, there was constant stress. It affected me a lot. There are political problems there, and it is felt in the way everyone lives out their life: it is always there and you think about it and you worry... I was starting to think it was time to 'get out of there' and 'go back home'.

Next thing I knew, it was time to board the plane...

...and I thought, 'What about the cousins that have to stay? The ones that don't get to come here and call it home? What about them?'.


Reiki Doc