Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Arc de Triomph 8.22.2013

Lightwork in Paris has not been easy for me. The lesson again and again has been 'let go, let Spirit assist, and RELAX'.

The negative imprints in this town are so strong, as the layers and layers of Dark Energy, that I 'see' things I usually 'filter out'. All kinds of horrible images 'pop in' right before I fall asleep, or when I first get someplace like the Musee D'Orsay, or even when I walk through the Metro.

There is a great deal of swirling energy here, with all of the inhabitants and visitors from across the planet. I see people from all walks of life, beggars, mothers, women in burquas, service people at the hotel, workers, clerks in stores, couples (the woman usually has the 'I am finally HERE!' look on her face), models, students, immigrants, and everything you can think up.

The woman across from me on the train heading to Paris from Tours had beautiful makeup and hair, an outfit you only could pull off when you are in Paris, and despite her kind ways and smile there was no Light from her Soul that shone in her eyes. She had lived all her Life in Paris, born to parents who had done the same. She lived in an apartment with a garden, and she smiled as we spoke of that. She told me where I was staying was a 'very nice district' and only 'old Paris almost royalty lived there. She lived 'someplace nice but someplace else where anyone could live.' I let it go.

The trick to Lightwork here is to catch the Negativity 'off guard'. The airport was a piece of cake, for who would be expecting it?

So for today, when we started to head out for the Tour Eiffel (a major 'Mithraic Monument'-- check David Wilcock's blog for a list of those.), my son wanted to 'go to the Arc de Triomphe'.  I said, 'let's go!'.

We ate lunch at Monoprix on Victor Hugo.

It wasn't until we were within sight of the monument itself until I 'got the call'.

Go to the middle on the bottom, and stand there, and do Lightwork.

I did. There was a big metal eagle medallion in the center of a series of pointed stars.  It was packed with tourists. I had to wait to step on. The wind was blowing like crazy, tour buses and traffic circled around counter-clockwise (wow--all traffic circles go anti-clock)...

I wasn't sure what to do. I prayed for all my work to serve the Light, and for any mistakes I make to be corrected. Don't worry, you will know what to do.

Open the Goddess Energy in you. 

I had been initiated in the Goddess energy by Lady Isis last November. I moved my arms and felt the Goddess energy flow. I reached deep through the layers of energy that was not so great underneath me to hang on to Gaia's core.

Let the white Light from Heaven come through your heart.

BOOM! A huge bolt of white Light came through my chest, through my feet, to the earth. It was so powerful I was surprised. Then I said, 'open me more let as much Light as you can IN'. The Light turned to Gold, and as it reached through, the warm, familiar Light Blue energy of Gaia came up. Once the two combined, it made a Goddess Spiral vortex. I was guided to claim this location for the Goddess, and to give Divine Peace Healing at this site. I did. There was a lot of resistance as I did the symbols, but once I got to the Peace one, a brilliant new Light shone as I could see with my third eye! Some of the energy 'relaxed' and I knew everyone who came here would be touched by the new energy instead of the energy of separation and war.

I double checked with Archangel Michael who had been there the whole time. 'Did I do everything right?'

I felt JOY. Waves and waves of pure LOVE energy, Bliss, and JOY! All of a sudden, the vortex combined to the colors of 5D.

I felt a circle of soldiers surround me and drop to their knees in gratitude like angels do when they are 'moved' by human Lightwork. There were rows and rows as far as the eye could see, all were soldiers whose lives were lost due to war who wanted PEACE.

Look closely at the middle one. I think there is a camera there. This is the very top of the arch, on the inside.

I knelt at the tomb of the soldier. I prayed for peace. With tears in my eyes, I prayed for those lost...for the mothers who lost their children...for the soldiers who were scarred both physically and a child who lost her uncle for two years away to war, her favorite uncle, and how he returned he was not the same I KNEW the pain and suffering. I prayed for ALL WARS to end, forever, and for the Goddess to have PEACE.

I also prayed to help pave the way for Cobra, and to make the energy work here be helpful for his group. I can't take the town! I can only take a very small piece of it!  He and his Lightworker team will be in a better position to do MORE when they arrive. They are due in September to open the St. Germain Portal. If you can at all make it, it will be definitely worth the trip. Look at the website if you are interested.

Goddess Energy came through in the form of Mother Mary. She asked me to stop crying, and promised wars would never happen again. I wanted to be sure, and she said, YES, no more suffering.

After I saw this:
holocausts or 'burnt offerings' are very Mithraic and often trap souls; this memorial is to 'the man who thought of the eternal flame for the unknown soldier'

does it look different to you? how does it feel? my camera made it a whole new 'event' AFTER!

I also saw a pair of pigeons, whose necks were in a heart before a tourist walked by

a marlin is not quite a dolphin! But close...the image of the marlin is behind the lamp post

Then the New Gaia Portal came on at around the same time:

Things are going to get better soon for all of us.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Lightworkers have a sense of humor. Check this out--sushi AND bagels! All at one place. LOL.
Advertised as tall as me on the Metro...