Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reiki And The Neighbors' Fight

In L.A. we live on top of each other. We don't have acres of space for each house. Our neighbors are close, and you hear everything!

Our neighbors, whom our boy has named, 'Drama 101' were just acting up when I wanted to take a nap right now. As an intuitive, I could 'sense' chemical in the woman, as well as hear the alcohol in her voice.

I really wanted to take a nap!

So I stood out on the balcony, and gave Reiki. Arms outstretched, I didn't care whether they saw me or not. I wanted PEACE! I gave Reiki, Divine Peace Healing, and the Platinum Ray. My hands felt HOT, there was so much energy flow! It helped. It didn't cure everything. Basically, as long as my arms were up, they stopped. But I want my nap. I can say that the noise level is about thirty percent of what it was a few minutes ago, and I can sleep.

I can rest because I know the angels are working on it.

I wonder if they have a 'kiss and make up' energy I can send??? ; )


Peace begins at home. Especially when we make harmony for the energy which surrounds us.


Reiki Doc

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  1. drop a skm bomb on the house. put yrself above their house, take ahold of all four corners and lift it in the air. I did this in a plant I was working at. the mental and physical noise dropped off and the air got smooth. stayed that way for a bit after I released it.